Thousands of people in China flocked to get married on February 22, 2022, believing that it was a lucky day for love.

The couple will attend a group wedding at the Marriage Register in Donghai, Jiangsu Province, China, on February 22, 2022, on the day of the palindrome labeled

On so-called auspicious days, we saw many couples flock to wedding registries all over China to tie a knot.STR / AFP via Getty Images

  • On February 22, 2022, thousands of Chinese couples flocked to their marriage registration.

  • In Chinese, “two” and “love” are phonetically similar.

  • The date of Tuesday, which is also the 22nd of the first month of the lunar calendar, has been added to its appeal.

Thousands of people in China gathered in the marriage register and tied a knot on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, using what they believed was a lucky day for love.

Dates were popular for multiple reasons. First, the Chinese words “two” and “love” are phonetically similar, and many believed that it was a lucky date for love. I reported the Global Times.

according to South China Morning Post, The date is also the 22nd of the first month of the lunar calendar, which is Tuesday, the second day of the week. This will be a day full of “2” that will not occur for another 200 years. ..

Date (Sun-Month-February 22, 2022 in year format) PalindromeThat is, read back and forth in the same way.

SCMP reported that 4,745 couples in Beijing booked a slot to register their marriage that day. This number was twice the number of couples who requested a time slot on Valentine’s Day on their traditionally popular wedding day.

Due to this surge, the local civil bureau has extended working hours and canceled Tuesday’s lunch break to accommodate the number of applications.

A Beijing civilian official said, “I want to remind the public that it is better not to flock together to avoid coronavirus infection. If you love each other, every day is a good day.”

In other major cities like Shanghai, according to SCMP, the Civil Affairs Department saw two to three times as many couples choosing February 22 as their wedding day. in the meantime, Global Times Marriage registrations in small cities such as Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Henan and Hefei were also reportedly fully booked on this day.

Similar trends were observed in other parts of Asia. In Singapore, where the majority of the 5.7 million population is Chinese, On February 22, more than 500 couples tied a knot.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal Others reported that the “2/22/22” date appealed to couples looking for hitchhiking in Las Vegas, citing the rarity of that number as a “sign.”

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