Thousands participate in protests across Canada as police crush protesters in Ottawa

Thousands of people in other parts of Canada demonstrated on Saturday, February 19th, calling for the removal of pandemic restrictions, while police subdued protests against COVID-19’s obligations in Ottawa.

In British Columbia, protesters oppose the federal government’s COVID-19 obligations Force another shutdown The RCMP crossed the Pacific Highway border on February 19 after blocking all traffic around the intersection of Sally’s 8th and 176th Avenues. This development 16 arrests On February 13 and 14, police took action to clear a previous demonstration across the Washington state.

“It was a very busy day for the on-site team and the team supporting the behind-the-scenes operations,” Sgt said. Sally RCMP Media Relations Officer, Eleanor Starco, In the statement..

“But our work here isn’t done, and citizens can expect the police to continue, day and night.”

February 20, Sally RCMP In a Twitter post Protesters have left and the road has reopened near the Pacific Highway border intersection. “Currently, traffic is traveling 176 streets in all directions and is accessible to the general public across national borders. Vehicle road checks will continue to be carried out,” police said.

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Protesters will demonstrate against COVID-19’s obligations on February 19, 2022 at the Pacific Highway Canada-US border crossing in Sally, British Columbia. (Jeff Sandes / Epoch Times)

Thousands of people participated in Calgary United for Freedom Rally On February 19, we marched down the streets of the city down what the organizers called from Central Memorial Park. “”Freedom Mile 17th Avenue.

“”This is a peaceful and legal protest, calling for the immediate termination of all governments in solidarity with Canadians across the country. [COVID-19] Now, the return of our country’s obligations and freedoms,According to the Facebook community page Calgary Freedom Central..

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Calgary protesters will demonstrate against the COVID-19 order on February 19, 2022. (CoryMorgan)
Epoch Times Photo
Calgary protesters will demonstrate against the COVID-19 order on February 19, 2022. (CoryMorgan)

In Quebec, thousands of protesters went out on the streets on the same day, calling for the end of all COVID-19 public health measures.

This was the second major demonstration against the state’s public health measures in two weeks. Many have called for the abolition of mandatory masks for health emergencies and school-aged children declared in the state.

Bernard Gautier, one of the organizers of the protest, said the protest was “peaceful” and wanted the state government to give back without specifying any demands.

Some protesters also said they wanted a guarantee that the vaccine passport system would not return.

Following the previous protest in early February, the Quebec government announced that it would phase out the COVID-19 vaccine obligation by March 14. Of COVID-19.

On February 19, Quebec City police said they had arrested three people near the state legislature.

“The majority of demonstrators respect and respect their agreement to peacefully demonstrate,” police said. Said in a French social media post..

Police in Toronto Set a large-scale road closure Around downtown in the city when protesters gathered at a rally for the third week to oppose public health measures.

In a social media post on February 19thToronto police said a decision was made to close further roads after several trucks arrived in the city to “cause confusion” on the night of February 18.

These protests across Canada on Saturday are in solidarity with a large demonstration in Ottawa called “Freedom Convoy 2022.”

The convoy’s actions initially began as a protest by truck drivers against the federal government’s vaccination obligations, which require truck drivers returning from the United States to Canada to be fully vaccinated if they want to avoid 14 days of quarantine upon re-entry. rice field. On January 29, a large truck convoy gathered in Ottawa to protest, and many supporters from all over the country joined in to demand the removal of all COVID-19 obligations and restrictions, and immediately became a national movement. Has developed.

On the morning of February 20, Ottawa police arrested 191 people and launched 57 vehicles as law enforcement agencies continued to operate in the capital to wipe out protesters against the COVID-19 order. He said he had towed.

Limin Zhou and Canadian Press contributed to this report.

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