Thousands protest in Paris to condemn court ruling that Jewish female murderers are unbearable

A crowd of protesters gather in front of the Eiffel Tower-GEOFFROYVAN DER HASSELT / AFP & # xa0;

A crowd of protesters gather in front of the Eiffel Tower-GEOFFROYVAN DER HASSELT / AFP

Thousands gathered France A man who killed a Jewish neighbor in 2017 was in a “bad state” when he committed a crime after consuming cannabis, and on Sunday to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling that he could not stand the trial. ..

In a ruling on April 14, the French Court of Cassation, the French Supreme Court of Appeals, stated that although the murder contained an anti-Semitic element, Kobili Traore could not withstand the trial. It was. Murder of Sarah HarimiCiting part of the French criminal law, “when suffering from a mental or neuropsychiatric disorder that excludes all identification or control over what they are committing in an incident,” a person is a detective. It states that it is not responsible.

With signs saying “justice for Sarah” and “changing the law,” demonstrators in cities such as Paris, Marseille, and Nice have been blamed for perpetrators like Traole in France. Called for a swift reform of the criminal law. TraorĂ© admitted murder and is currently in a psychiatric facility.

“The turmoil has returned and hope has returned. Harimi’s brother William Atal told a group of thousands of protesters gathered at Trocadero Square in southwestern Paris. The demonstrators were French ambassadors to London and Tel Aviv. We also gathered outside the building.

Protesters have placards-PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

Protesters have placards-PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

France’s Minister of Justice Eric Dupond Moretti said he would submit a bill to Parliament in May to strengthen the law shortly before Sunday’s demonstration.In an interview with a French newspaper Le Figaro, President Emmanuel Macron also said he supported the change. “Determining to take a drug and then’crazy’, in my view, should not remove your criminal liability,” Macron said.

Traole rushed into a 65-year-old retired doctor’s apartment at the age of 27 in the spring of 2017 after being disturbed by Harimi’s Mezuzah, a small scroll pinned by some Jewish households next to the door. After beating hard, I threw it. She left the balcony on the 3rd floor.

During the killing, neighbors also reported hearing TraorĂ© say “Allahu Akbar” (God is wonderful in Arabic) and “I killed the devil.”

The French Jewish community has stated that Harimi’s verdict has reduced the safety of life in France.

Marseille protesters have banners in Sarah's photo-AP photo / Daniel Cole

Marseille protesters have banners in Sarah’s photo-AP photo / Daniel Cole

In criticism of the ruling, Francis Califat, chairman of the Jewish Council’s representative council, told French radio stations:[the court] They could have made the courageous decision to contribute to the legislative change … unfortunately, they didn’t have the courage to do so. “

In its first verdict last year, a lower court dismissed the case, saying it had anti-Semitic elements. Harimi’s family appealed the case and then appeared in the Court of Cassation, upholding the first decision. Harimi’s family says they are also seeking a trial in Israel.

“Israeli criminal law states that if the victim is Jewish and the crime is anti-Semitic, the Israeli judicial system can undertake such cases,” said one of the family lawyers. Francis Spinner said. Le Monde..