Thousands will fly abroad on holidays as the rules are relaxed

Masked waiter serves meals for 2 people

Masked waiter serves meals for 2 people

Holidaymakers in the UK, Scotland and Wales are expected to take off for the early summer sun from Monday as the ban on foreign holidays is lifted.

Travelers will be able to visit 12 countries on the government’s green list, including Portugal and Israel, without isolating their return.

However, most of the tourist destinations remain on the amber and red list, so travelers need to quarantine when they return.

And it hit the demand for the holidays.

Online travel agency Thomas Cook said the number of people booking overseas travel is “still small.”

Thomas Cook, who is planning a jet this week, has only a few hundred customers, but 75% of his bookings were for Portugal.

On Friday, Portugal announced that travelers from the United Kingdom would only be allowed to enter the border if the PCR test for the last 72 hours was negative.

That has led to an increase in demand for flights to the country. Tui, who plans 19 flights from the UK to Portugal next week, said eight of them will be on the Boeing Dreamliner, which can carry up to 345 people.

Due to the surge in demand for landing slots at Portuguese airports, Tui could not fly any further, so it is usually used for long-haul flights and is larger than Boeing can carry almost twice as many people. I decided to use an airplane. The 737 aircraft that I was planning to use.

Five stars

Many who intend to escape plan to do so in style. Thomas Cook reported that 85% of customers booked 4-star or 5-star hotels. Before the crisis, only about half of the people chose to jump into such luxury.

Hays Travel has noticed a similar trend. Currently, about half of our customers are booking next year, but after nearly quadruple bookings in Portugal this summer, “cautious optimism” has emerged among travelers.

Chief Operating Officer Jonathon Woodall said average spending for a two-week vacation for a family of four increased by £ 370 to £ 4,000 as people aim to “enhance their bucketlists.” .. For those who want to spend their vacation near their home, the average spending for a 14-night family trip in Europe is £ 1,800.

“People are upgrading to better destinations and accommodation and spending more to treat themselves,” he said. “Cruises throughout the UK and around the world this summer are very popular.”

“Far from smooth”

The process was “far from smooth” for those fleeing Monday, according to Hawkan Johnson, who will fly from London to Faro with his fiancé Vanessa and a three-month-old baby.

“We all feel like a herd of guinea pigs,” he told the BBC. “Thankfully, we finally got there, but it was stressful to organize all the tests and documentation with such a sudden notification.”

Nonetheless, he said he was nervous about the flight in case they missed something- “despite checking the requirements about 100 times.”

“In addition, there was a problem with online check-in at BA and it was very difficult to catch someone.”

He and his family are not very well planned.

“I look forward to sunbathing by the pool and beach, a nice lunch and dinner at the hotel,” he said.

“I want to be able to return to the UK without any problems, so be very careful for Covid.”

Travel from England, Scotland and Wales is permitted to 12 countries on the Green List, but most of the destinations are remote islands or currently do not allow British tourists to enter.

The government also advises people not to make non-essential trips to places on the amber list that cover popular destinations such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece. However, some vacationers are expected to ignore the guidance.

Both EasyJet and Tui have stated that they will operate vacations to countries classified as amber unless the Foreign, Commonwealth Office for Development (FCDO) opposes “everything but the essentials” trip.

The majority of countries in the world belong to the amber category. This means that if you arrive in the UK from these locations, you will need to quarantine at home for 10 days, do a Covid test before departure, and test twice more on arrival.

In a statement last week, a spokeswoman for EasyJet Holidays said: ‘Warning is confusing for both vacationers and the industry.

“We want to give our customers flexibility and choices this summer, so if the borders are open and FCDO’s advice allows us to travel, we’ll be open to those destinations,” Tui said. I am.

Starting Monday, international travelers will be able to use the NHS app (unlike the NHS Covid-19 app) to prove that they have been vaccinated.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps previously stated that people taking both doses could use the app for border control, but the government has set immigration requirements for the country as testing and quarantine may still be required. He said he needed to confirm.

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