Three bullets fired by a gunner during a shift change in a warehouse in Tennessee


two Employee shot dead on Tuesday morning At a manufacturing facility in Tennessee, police say.

According to Metropolitan Nashville police, the shooting took place just before 6am at the Smile Direct Club in Antioch Pike, Nashville.

Police said they believed in day shift employees at a press conference sent by WKRN During the shift change, he stepped into the facility and fired.

According to police, three employees have been shot dead and one is in crisis.

Police responded to the facility and shot and killed the suspect, police tweeted. At a press conference, police said he was taken to a hospital where he died.

Police said the suspect was carrying a semi-automatic pistol with an expanded magazine, and police refused the request to drop the weapon and turned it instead.

According to police, an “aggressive shooter investigation” is underway.

SmileDirectClub said in a statement to the local press: It is “sad by shooting.”

According to WZTV, “the incident was quickly contained by field guards,” the company said. “The safety of our team members is our company’s top priority and we maintain strict security protocols and weapons ban policies at all facilities. Local police are investigating this issue. While we are working with the local police. “

Three visitors were injured when the iceberg wall collapsed at the Titanic Museum, according to Tennessee officials.

A deadly shooting at the water park followed an escalating “change,” according to Tennessee police.

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