Three cars burned at a Northern Ireland police officer’s house

Three cars ignited and were destroyed at the home of a Northern Ireland police officer on Thursday.

Police in the northern Irish town of Larn attended the address of a police officer on Glenam Road after being informed that three cars were burning early Thursday morning.

All three cars were destroyed by the fire and the house was burnt, but the policeman, wife and daughter sleeping at home were not injured.

“We are investigating this as an arson incident. This was a completely reckless attack and could have serious consequences,” said Danny McCabin, the detective’s chief police officer. It states in. statement..

“Thankfully, no injuries have been reported for being a horrific test for the policeman and his family. In the darkness of the night outside the family’s house while the resident was sleeping in the house. There is no word to describe the people who set fire to their cars in. Their actions are in stark contrast to the police officers who serve our community daily with dignity, respect and courtesy, “he added.

“At this point, we remain open-minded about the motives behind this attack, but the main focus is that criminal factors may be the cause. Detectives are now launching a full investigation. I am confident that this will make the community thorough and robust. “

McCabin sought information from the locals.

“I take this opportunity to call for the help of the Larn people and identify the person responsible further away,” he said.

“Did you stay in the Glen Arm Road area late last night? [sic] Early this morning? Did you see someone or something that you felt suspicious of? Do you have any information about this case? No matter how small or insignificant it looks, please contact us. “

Simon Byrne, Chief Police Officer of Northern Ireland, has accused the attack.

“I fully condemn this exorbitant attack on the officer’s house. I spoke to him this afternoon to provide him and his family with my full support. There is no place in society to take this action, and we must stop it, “Barn wrote on Twitter.

Northern Ireland’s Minister of Justice, Naomi Long, said the attack was “horrifying and timid.”

“I do not underestimate the pain caused by this type of incident at a family home.” LBC I quoted it as I have said for a long time.

“Our police officers routinely put their lives to the safety of all of us. My thoughts are on this officer, his family, and his colleagues,” she added.

“This violence has achieved nothing at all and needs to be stopped.”

In another incident on Monday, police found a bomb near a part-time policeman’s house in Dungiven, a town in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.