Three Colorado police officers are no longer hired after a 73-year-old woman with dementia was arrested

Three police officers in Loveland, Colorado, Arrest and booking of a 73-year-old woman with dementia..

According to a federal proceeding, Karen Garner suffered a shoulder dislocation, an arm fracture and a sprained wrist after being slammed into the ground and hogtie during his arrest on June 26.

The quarrel was captured in a police body camera video and shared by Garner’s lawyer Sarah Cielke.

Officer Austin Hop, Tyler Blackett and Dahlia Jarari I was on leave About the case, Sgt. Philip Metzeler. Another sergeant, Antrina Hill, has been relocated.

Rabbrand police chief Robert Tyther said at a press conference on Friday that Hope, Blackett and Jalari were “no longer employed” by the agency, but did not say whether they had resigned or were fired.

It’s unclear why Metzeler and Hill are no longer in the department.

“They weren’t fired. They resigned,” Garner’s lawyer said in a statement late Friday. She said it was “unacceptable” for Metzeler and Hill to stay in the department.

Officers did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

Schielke said he was walking home when Garner was stopped by Hopp on suspicion of stealing $ 13.88 worth of items from Wal-Mart. Garner suffers from dementia and receptive aphasia, impairing her ability to communicate verbally with people and understand other people’s communications.

Mr. Sielke said that because of dementia, Mr. Garner forgot to pay for the goods collected by Wal-Mart employees.

The body camera video shows that Hop asks Garner to stop. She shrugs and keeps walking. Hops respond by roughly taking Garner to the ground, handcuffing it, and then pressing Garner against her feet.

After that, Jarari arrives at the scene. The video shows that both officers are wrestling with Garner. Hop tells Jarari to help bring Garner to the ground, and then he hogs her and pushes her behind the police car.

Schielke said her client didn’t stop when Hopp asked because he didn’t understand him. According to the proceedings, Garner “bleeds from the nose, forehead, and wrists throughout the body.”

Metzeler arrived after Garner got in the car. The video shows him commenting on how muddy the policeman is.

“It’s a little bloody. It’s a little muddy. That’s how it works,” says Jalari. Hop tells the sergeant that the blood belongs to Garner.

Brackett was not involved in Garner’s arrest, but helped book her in prison. The corrected complaint states that Hill entered the reservation area and saw Garner injured but did not receive her medical care.

Earlier this week, Schielke released a second video showing three Labrand police officers laughing at Garner’s arrest.

The footage is from a camera inside the Labrand Police Station and contains subtitles that have not been verified by NBC News.

Hope can be seen in the video commenting on the moment he moved Garner’s shoulders, saying the arrest was “great.”

“Are you ready for pop?” He asks. “Can you hear pop?”

Tysar said watching a video of Garner’s arrest was “painful.” The chief said the policeman’s video laughing about it did not represent the department.

“It’s not the Labrand police,” he said. “The Labrand Police Department is now made up of men and women calling for service, who work very hard, respect the community, serve with integrity and value, and are credible.”

The arrest triggered a criminal investigation led by district lawyer Gordon McLaughlin and Fort Collins Police Service.

McLaughlin said in a statement that he would consider police officers’ comments on the arrest, along with other evidence, and make a decision to prosecute.

Garner’s family said in a statement by a lawyer that Friday’s comment was “striving to protect only ourselves and the reputation of LPD.”

“He said our mother’s case’has personally hurt him,'” a family statement said. “It’s clear that the only thing that’personally hurt him’was the attention that this incident brought to his department. It didn’t happen to our mother. We’re disappointed. I will. “