Three Confidence Votes to Determine the Fate of the Minority Liberal Government

Ottawa — Two proposed changes to the federal budget proposed by the opposition will determine whether the minority Liberal government, which can trigger elections, will collapse.

The government said it had informed the opposition that the two votes in the House of Commons (Today’s Bloc Québécois Vice Amendment and Thursday’s Conservative Amendment) would be considered a confidence vote.

When the House of Representatives votes on a major motion to approve the government’s budget policy, the third opportunity to pass a decision on a huge budget comes on Monday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government needs the support of at least one of the three major opposition parties to survive the vote of confidence.

New Democratic Prime Minister Jagmeet Singh has repeatedly stated that he plans to support the entire budget, but has not announced any amendments this week.

The conservative amendment aims to amend the budget to strengthen vaccination deployment during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulating employment and economic growth.

Block leader Eve François Blanche has submitted a sub-amendment calling for additional medical benefits to the state and higher old-age security benefits for all seniors, not just those aged 75 and over. ..