Three dead, two injured, and Manhunt underway after shooting a rampage in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Milwaukee-Early Sunday, three people were killed and a man hunt was underway after a gunman fired at a busy Kenosha county tavern.

Sheriff David Beth said at least two people were seriously injured.

No arrests have been made, and investigators said there could be multiple shooters. About 100 officers were searching for the suspect..

According to Beth, residents near the Summers House tavern in Summers village, 30 miles south of Milwaukee, were probably not at risk.

“This seems like a targeted and isolated case,” Beth said. “At this point, we don’t think there is a threat to the community.”

The rampage was the latest in several shooting attacks across the country, including eight deaths at the FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis last week.Mass murder claims More than 4 Americans live every week for the past 6 weeksDozens of people were killed and a few more were injured.

In FedEx shooting, America suffers from genocide for 6 consecutive weeks

In Kenosha, Beth left at a tavern, saying that a patron “did not cooperate with the owner”. He said the man returned after a while at about 12:45 am and began shooting. According to Beth, the fires were fired inside and outside the tavern, and investigators believed that multiple shooters could have been involved.

The shooter clearly knew his victim, Beth said. He did not know if the victims knew their attackers. Authorities did not disclose the names of the victims on Sunday morning.

Beth said other patrons may have suffered unreported injuries to the authorities. Others could even have been shot and left the tavern alone, Beth said. Investigators asked a local hospital to notify them of additional bullet victims.

Beth said one of the victims got into the car after being shot and was kicked out of the scene by bystanders. The driver flagged the policeman along the way, who took him to the hospital. The person died before arriving.

According to Beth, the bar was “very busy” at the time of the shoot, but there was no more information about how many people there were.

City near Kenosha was a scene of serious anxiety A young black man remains paralyzed after police shot Jacob Blake last summer. Kenosha police officers who shot Blake from behind in August will return to their normal duties and will not be subject to criminal accusations or administrative sanctions.

A white teenager in Illinois was accused of shooting and killing two people during a protest caused by Blake’s shootings. Kyle Rittenhaus in Antioch has been charged with attempted murder and attempted murder.

Bacon contributor reported by Arlington, Virginia: Bruce Biermetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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