Three escapees forming the Northern Territory workcamp have been arrested

All three men who escaped from Tennant Creek’s Barkly Workcamp prison on Saturday night were arrested by Northern Territory (NT) police.

Two of the fugitives, Maximus Cutta (20) and Richard Henwood (37), were arrested at Tennant Creek on Thursday afternoon after avoiding police for five days.

The 23-year-old boy was detained in the town of Tennant Creek on Thursday night.

The trio escaped from the workcamp around 11:30 pm on Saturday night after removing electronic monitoring equipment and allegedly stealing a 1996 Nissan Navara two-door tray.

Territory mission director Mark Malogolski said the territory response group, crime command, and general mission officers were all involved in the search for the fugitive, and obstacles were set up in the north and south of Tennant Creek and in the Katherine region.

NT police also thanked the public for their support.

The Berkeley work camp Is a low-security orthodontic workcamp located 2 km from the town center of Tennant Creek. The camp aims to educate and rehabilitate prisoners through training, education, employment, and work programs.

Sex offenders and prisoners of the public interest are not placed in camps as it contains open security prisoners.

Prisoners must follow a rigorous regime that includes giving back to the community through working on community strengthening, maintenance and beautification projects.

Police call on witnesses in child abuse cases

Northern Territory police are also calling for witnesses allegedly assaulting a child in Darwin Thursday afternoon.

According to NT police Media releaseAt around 4:30 pm, police were informed that a man had entered the front yard of a real estate property on McMillans Road, a suburb of Anula, and attacked an eight-year-old girl.

She managed to escape and ask for help while the assailants sneaked over the fence into the next property.

Residents chased the man, arrested him on the sidewalk, and detained him until police arrived.

The 25-year-old criminal was arrested on the scene and remains in custody awaiting prosecution.

Senior Sergeant John Beer, acting detective, said the girl was slightly injured and was very brave to resist the man and escape.

“Investigations continue to pinpoint exactly what happened, and anyone who sees this incident or any other anomalous activity in the area is strongly advised to contact the police,” he said. I did.

“Children should not have such an experience, and we ask criminals for clarification.”

Meanwhile, due to the detection of COVID-19 cases at several centers, social visits to all correctional facilities in the area, including work camps, were suspended until Sunday, January 23.

Currently, there are 2 active COVID-19 cases at Berkeley Workcamp, 2 at the Darwin Orthodontic Center and 8 at the Alice Springs Orthodontic Center.

Steve Milne