Three men accused of shooting at Virginia Beach appear in court

Virginia Beach, Virginia (AP) —Three men accused of shooting injured several people on a chaotic weekend along the oceanfront of Virginia Beach first appeared in a video on Monday. The other two weekend shootings killed two people.

Judge Sandra S. Menago of Virginia Beach considered prosecuting Armon Jarry Adams, 22, in Chesapeake, Virginia. Nyquez Tyyon Baker, Virginia Beach, 18 years old. Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., Virginia Beach, 20 years old.

Each man faces seven counts of accusations associated with malicious injuries. They remain in prison without being detained, and after discussing with their respective lawyers, a bail hearing will take place within a few days.

Officials said the man was involved in what appeared to be the first of three separate shootings late Friday along a dense strip of hotels, clubs and restaurants. Another shooting that night killed a woman who was likely an innocent bystander, officials said. They add a third case that led to the fatal shooting of a man by police officers. Both are black.

Virginia Beach police said in a statement that investigators believed that the first shootings indicted by the three men resulted from a battle involving a group of people.

Baker, one of the men indicted, told a judge in court that he could not talk to his family because he was “in the hole” and felt “tortured.”

Cathy Hyatt, a spokeswoman for Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office, said all newly admitted prisoners would be quarantined for 14 days as a COVID-19 precaution. And Baker said she couldn’t get into a prison disciplinary home, colloquially called a “hole.”

Hieatt added that Baker called more than 40 times, although he was unsuccessful because he hung up and his phone wasn’t accepted. She also met with his lawyer on Monday, she said.

Meanwhile, police are also investigating two deadly shootings that occurred that night.

Police initially shot Donobon W. Lynch, 25, deadly, saying police officers “encountered armed civilians” on Saturday.

The agency said it could be made clearer on Monday night after interviewing the police officer who shot and killed Lynch and another police officer who saw the shooting. Lynch had a pistol, police said in a news release.

The release added, “Another independent witness confirmed that Lynch had a pistol on the evening of March 26, 2021.”

A resident of Virginia Beach, Lynch was an aggressive lineman at the University of Virginia Wise during the 2017 and 2018 seasons and graduated from school in 2019.

Police chief said Saturday that the police officer who killed Lynch was wearing a body camera. But the chief said it wasn’t activated “for unknown reasons.”

“We would like to provide community answers. At this time, they are not,” said the police chief.

The police who shot Lynch were put on leave, police said. He has been in this department for five years and is assigned to that special operations department.

Another shooting killed was Deshayla E. Harris, 28, from Norfolk. Investigators believe that Harris was likely a bystander attacked by a stray gun. She was not immediately arrested for her death.

The Virginia Beach branch of the NAACP said in a statement on Sunday that it was “not surprised” that the body camera of the officer who shot Lynch did not work after suffering from the shootings of Lynch and Harris.

“We are monitoring and listening to the department’s investigation into this shooting and look forward to a thorough and prompt report,” the NAACP statement said. “The community is waiting!”