Three men missing in California after an attempt to rescue a river

Sacramento, Calif. (AP) —It is estimated that three men went missing and died after a child was caught in a river stream and swam to save him in California, officials said. ..

Los Angeles Times Report on Sunday The boy was swept to a popular boat and swimming destination called Three Miles Lau.

The Sacramento and San Joaquin River Deltas are about 40 miles (64 km) south of Sacramento.

The boy was pulled out of the water and was not injured, but three of his relatives were drawn in after entering after him, said Chief Brandon Wilson of the Rio Vista Battalion.

People “saw them going down, but never saw them come back,” Wilson said.

Authorities searched the men for two hours in hopes of rescuing them, but later moved to the recovery operation, the San Francisco Chronicle. report..

Chronicle, a man who drowned on Lake Berryessa in Napa County on Sunday after trying to save his son when a boy was struggling with water this weekend in California. report.. The boy returned safely to the shore.

And a 13-year-old girl drowned on Sunday by a lake in Madera County, Fresnoby. report on monday.