Three new cases of COVID-19 in Queensland

Queensland has recorded three new community COVID-19 cases related to flight attendants infected during hotel quarantine before spending a short time in Brisbane.

One new case was the manager of a Portuguese family center visited by a woman who had been quarantined at home before the test was positive.

The other two were traveling with a flight attendant when she was in Brisbane and were quarantined at the hotel during the period of infection.

“I’m not worried that any of these three cases pose a risk to the Queensland community,” said Chief Health Officer Janet Young on Thursday.

There were four cases related to flight attendants after a man who visited a family center was tested positive earlier this week.

The other people in the center (36 in total) continue to be quarantined and monitored.

Dr. Young said he was not worried about the recent outbreak, as everyone who appears to be at risk is quarantined.

The positive results of the flight attendant were confirmed by regular tests after she visited the family center and direct factory outlets at Brisbane Airport on Saturday.

She is believed to have been infected with a hotel quarantine, took a COVID-positive guest to an ambulance, and then went to a clerk’s room to wipe her.

All Queensland cases are of the alpha type, and Young said they were “much less infectious” than the delta type, which is prevalent in Sydney.

“Unless there is an urgent and compelling reason, I highly recommend that no one in Queensland be in New South Wales,” she said.

Queensland has closed its borders with Greater Sydney and its surrounding areas, the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour, in response to the outbreak.

Meanwhile, a man in Sydney’s Hotel Quarantine is planning to reunite with his deceased father in Queensland.

The quarantine exemption issued to Mark Killian and his partner Anneli Gerique on Wednesday night is conditional on “New South Wales finalizing an arrangement for the safe transfer of couples to Queensland.” I was saying.

The couple were then granted an exemption from the Queensland Government and arrived on the Gold Coast Thursday afternoon.

Killian and his partner were seen leaving the plane, stopping to take a selfie, hugging each other, being taken to the hangar, and leaving the airport by ambulance.

“It will be something we all think we will remember for the rest of our lives,” Killian told Nine Network Thursday.

“We are looking for something that will be very sad rather than going on a holiday or cruise, but at least there is dignity in how we do it now.”

Mark’s father, Fran Killian, 80, is in a Gold Coast hospital suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Kilian and Gericke completed quarantine in Sydney after rushing from Los Angeles to Australia over a week ago.

Both have been vaccinated and have returned at least three coronavirus negative tests.

“I don’t know what I’m planning to do when I arrive (on the Gold Coast) … I’m stepping forward at a time,” Killian told Brisbane Radio 4BC Thursday.

“I have plans to facilitate my visit with my dad, but I don’t know when.”

Killian said his father was overjoyed at the news.

“He was absolutely (as) uplifting and emotional because he was the first phone call we made and he could be in his state about the situation.”

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian said Wednesday that her state had done everything it could to enable a reunion.

“At least a week ago … New South Wales revealed that they wouldn’t hinder their journey.”

The couple’s quarantine exemption decision was made after Senior Killian begged Queensland Health to show compassion.

“The days they are in the hotel are less than the days I spend with my son and daughter-in-law on my last day,” he said in a video appeal from the hospital bed.

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