Three Nigerian Wars: ISIS, Bandits, and Glyphter


Suffering from rebel attacks in northeastern and northwestern Nigeria, Nigerian troops are preparing for challenges such as massive fraud by weapons suppliers.

According to David Otto, a defense consultant for the Nigerian Ministry of Defense based in London, “Nigeria’s army is growing thinly.” The competition between the two terrorist groups claiming the ISIS cloak was determined in late May by the suicide of Boko Haram’s longtime leader Aboubakar Shekau.

His death allowed the larger and more organized Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) to seek loyalty to the rest of Shekau’s terrorists and build a unified effort to create a caliphate. .. It didn’t take long for the other shoes to fall off.

According to The Epoch Times reporter Akua Nalova Mambeh, ISWAP terrorists attacked a military base in Cameroon at 4 am on July 24, killing eight soldiers and attacking again in the same area on the night of July 26. did. The base is on the border with Nigeria in the Lake Chad region.

Previously, a joint force of 21 ISWAP and Boko Haram terrorists rushed to the town of Davna, Adamawa, Nigeria by motorcycle in a pre-dawn raid on July 7. A brutal attack killed 24 civilians, most of them members of the Lutheran faction in Davna. The congregation, Tom Galva, told the Epoch Times by a local journalist.

“A local man in Davna said he saw seven motorcycles driving in the village with a few people. Some were in military uniform, but most were Hausa. I was crazy wearing native regalia, “Galva told the Epoch Times. With a text message. The raid destroyed hundreds of shops and two churches. “Most of the murdered people are members of the Lutheran and Awareness Churches in Nigeria,” he writes.

According to Otto, the Islamic State of Africa has published a propaganda video dated July 23, showing the confident new face of ISWAP and first mentioning the United States.

In passing references, US troops, Nigerian troops, and multinational troops in the Lake Chad region are despised as “Kafil,” meaning exile, Otto wrote in the text.

According to Ali Sada, an Arabic translator and publisher of the respected Arabic-to-English news site Daesh Daily, the video seeks to recruit new soldiers for ISWAP. “Their message encourages people living in countries close to Islamic State to move to their lands,” Sada tells the Epoch Times.


According to Gardawatch, even when the Davna raid was unfolded, Nigerian troops were reacting to the devastating massacre in northern Katsina on July 5.

“From July 5th to 6th, an attack on the village of Tsauwa in Katsina killed at least 19 suspected bandits. The bandits also set fire to homes and granaries and plundered valuables and animals. It is reported that they did, “Garda Watch reported.

Bandit attacks were part of Nigeria’s undeclared rebellion due to Fula terrorism, forcing hundreds of thousands of peasants to abandon their property in the northern and central North states. .. Politician Femi Fany-Kayode states that the death toll from Fula terrorism has exceeded 500,000, more than the sum of ISWAP and Boko Haram since 2009.

Epoch Times Photo
Wanted poster for Aboubakar Hima (Financial Crimes Commission)


Nevertheless, according to the US Congressional Research Service, allegations of fraud and embezzlement by Nigerian security chiefs and their trusted arms contractors have hampered the process of obtaining the aircraft, guns and ammunition needed by the military.

“In Nigeria, procurement fraud, sponsored personnel management, and complete embezzlement are causing a significant shortage of front-line military resources,” said the Congressional Research Service. report March. “A 2018 study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace found that decades of unidentified corruption have hollowed out Nigeria’s military and security services.”

At the heart of the current controversy over corruption is Aboubaker Hima, who has been sought for a $ 394 million fraud by the Ministry of Defense.

In July 2020, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria (EFCC), 47-year-old Hima was targeted for “criminal conspiracy, contract fraud, misappropriation of public funds, money laundering and fraud”. Until last year, Hima lived in a three-story mansion surrounded by walls and a luxurious and chic section of Abuja known for its shade. He is still in large numbers.

The Nigerian people have not yet heard from the authorities why Hima has gained such a high level of trust.

Hima’s enabler for the $ 394 million fraud reportedly was Nigerian security chief, arrested in December 2015 and formerly served in Nigerian prison for four years for fraud and other crimes. It was Colonel Sambodaski. According to media reports, Daski earned $ 40,000 a year, owned a hotel and home in Abuja, and built a mansion at the time of his arrest.

Critics blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for the Hima incident.

Dasuki was a Major in the Army during a military coup in 1983 and brought General Buhari into power for two years. With the end of the military regime in Nigeria in 1999, Buhari began running for president. Three months after taking office as President of Nigeria in 2015, Buhari launched an investigation into a procurement scandal (June 2012-July 2015) under the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration, and Daski was charged. it was done.

Lagos lawyer Uchenna Leonard frustrated Nigerians story According to last year’s Business Hall Mark News, “Imagine former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan being harassed and called by his name for trying to buy weapons from the black market to prosecute a war with Boko Haram. Please, still the semi-illiterate Furani tribe [Hima] Those who didn’t speak good English scammed billions of Nyra governments. “

The lawyer went on to say: Without the active support of those in power, he would not have been able to accomplish the robbery. He and his government and military collaborators should be prosecuted. “