Three or eleven bodies found in a tunnel collapse in China are still missing

Beijing (AP) —Rescue teams have recovered the bodies of three workers in a flooded tunnel under construction in a city in southern China and continue to search for 11 other workers trapped since Thursday.

The crew is also working to pump water from the Shijingshan Tunnel, which is under a reservoir and is part of a highway being built in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, near Hong Kong and Macau. Rescue operations involving divers and robots have been hampered by carbon monoxide gas from machines used in tunnels as part of their operations.

The cause of the collapse is still under investigation. Reportedly, an unusual noise was heard and material debris began to fall from one side of the two-tube tunnel. Evacuation was ordered due to the flood of water.

The construction project seemed to have safety issues for some time. In March, two workers died elsewhere in the tunnel.

The Pearl River is a relatively wealthy coastal city at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta and is currently under development for the manufacturing and high-tech industries.

It was one of China’s early special economic zones when the ruling Communist Party began to open up China’s economy about 40 years ago.

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