Three people, including a police officer and a suspect, were killed in a shooting in the Denver area, officials said.

Three people, including a police officer, were killed in a shopping district outside Denver on Monday. This is the latest hottest shooting in Colorado this year.

Police responded to a suspicious incident in Alvada’s Old Town Square in the afternoon, Alvada police deputy secretary Ed Brady said at a news conference.

Approximately 15 minutes later, Brady added that he received a 911 call about the shot that was fired.

According to Brady, 19-year veteran police officers and suspected shooters were shot dead. He said a “Samaritan” who was supposedly shot by a gunner was taken to the hospital and died.

According to police, the murdered police officer was identified as Gordon Beasley. The Denver Post.

The names of the victims and suspects have not been disclosed. Authorities did not immediately explain the shooting situation, but said it was believed that no one else was involved.

The shooting took place in the downtown area of ​​the city, where shops, restaurants, breweries and other businesses gather. It is a National Register of Historic Places and is located approximately 7 miles northwest of downtown Denver.

Almost 3 months after the gunman Attacked King Supers grocery store Killed 10 people, including officers. Boulder, with its grocery store, is about 20 miles from Alvada.

About 80 miles south of the city last month, 6 people killed in shooting Police said at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colombine, Aurora, and now Boulder: Colorado has the sixth highest rate of mass slaughter

According to Mayor Mark Williams, the death of an Alvada police officer was the third in police station history and was particularly painful after a mass shooting at nearby Boulder. Alvada police helped respond to the attack and investigate, he said.

“Today is by far the saddest day for our police,” Williams said.

By the evening in Alvada, large police were lined up for the procession, but some residents were lined up with flags on the street where the procession took place.

John Garrod of Alvada, Colorado, has about 30 police cars in line in honor of a police officer who was shot deadly on Monday.

John Garrod of Alvada, Colorado, has about 30 police cars in line in honor of a police officer who was shot deadly on Monday.

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