Three people killed as gangsters allegedly fired by lawyers in a Delhi court


According to police, armed groups dressed as lawyers launched shootings in court in the Indian capital on Friday, killing a suspected gang leader and injuring several others.

The two perpetrators involved in the case allegedly belonged to a 30-year-old Zitendergogi rival gang, a notorious New Delhi gang facing murder.

“Two rival gangs fired at Jitender Gogi in court,” said Rakeshu Astana, a New Delhi police officer. Told to NDTV.. “Or [is] When police retaliated and killed these two perpetrators. “

“Police acted swiftly and killed both perpetrators,” Astana added. A total of three people have died, including Gogi, who died in the hospital after being shot several times, officials said.

Authorities apparently have not released information on how gang members brought their weapons to court.

Gogi was arrested in April 2020 after being involved in a series of murders, dozens of blackmails, violent robbers, and the Carjack incident in and around New Delhi. The Times of India Report..

Video images taken by people on the court grounds in Rohini, western Delhi, showed people running for cover while the shots rang.

Epoch Times Photo
Members of the media are in New Delhi, India, on September 24, 2021, after a bloody gun battle in court killed three infamous Indian gangsters after being killed by an armed group dressed as a lawyer. Gather outside the entrance to the Rohini District Court. .. (Money Sharma via Getty Images / AFP)

Arun Kumar, a Rohini court official, said lawyers should be given a special ID card to reduce the risk of spoofing.

The shooting raised concerns about the safety of Indian courts and whether metal detectors were working.

“The question of whether the metal detector isn’t working on the court grounds is a matter of investigation and we can’t comment on it at this time,” Astana told NDTV. “We are already investigating the case and will spare no one involved in this shootout. No one is spared.”

Sanjeev Nasiar, chairman of the Delhi Bar Association, said the lawyer would be off work on Saturday to consider security measures in court.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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