Three personnel were attacked and killed in a vehicle evading the Houston Police

Houston (AP) — A driver fleeing Houston police beat and killed three attendants before hitting the ditch, officials said.

According to police chief Yasar Bashir, Sergeant Patrol saw drivers donuts in the parking lot on Friday night, or drove in a circle to leave tire marks on the pavement. I saw him and tried to stop the car.

According to Bashir, the driver hit three attendants before he finally hit the ditch. The driver and passenger were hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities did not disclose their names or other personal information.

Sean Thea, head of vehicle crime at the Harris District Attorney’s Office, said he intended to get more cars when the car returned from the parking lot and hit the car.

Tia said the driver’s behavior was “terrible” and “totally unacceptable.”

“Someone decided he didn’t want to get a ticket or could go to jail for a misdemeanor.” It was a traffic violation and he could now face Barrett’s death on felony murder. He said.

Tia said the driver would be tested for addiction.

Police officials did not immediately respond to a phone message requesting additional information on Saturday.