Three police officers arrested for the murder of President Haiti


Haiti Police Chief Leon Charles announced on Tuesday the official arrest of four more people in connection with the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. At least three of the arrests are police officers for whom Charles did not reveal his rank.

“There was an infiltration into the police,” he said. “It happened with money.”

Charles added that authorities are investigating who funded the operation and said the FBI and Interpol are helping track U.S. citizens living in the U.S. who believe he is responsible. It was.

Charles also said a total of seven high-ranking police officers were detained and quarantined but not officially arrested for trying to find out why the attackers were able to contact the president without injuring guards. .. Officers are not officially considered suspects.

Haitian police have identified a fourth suspect who was not a police officer as Dominique Corbyn.

Public records show that an individual named Dominique Corbyn lives in South Florida and has recently spent time in Miami, Miami Beach, and Pembroke Pines. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is listed as an independent security consultant. His private Instagram account is Armotech International Corp in Haiti. And he is listed as the founder and owner of Armotech Group SA.

Corbyn is currently listed as CEO of a company called Armotech International Corp., based in Pembroke Pines, and public records show that he registered with the state on November 2, 2020. He founded Armotech Group Inc., a company of similar name, in early January 2020, but only disbanded in April 2021.

Ariel Henri
Ariel Henry was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Haiti’s late President Jovenel Moise a few days before his assassination and will arrive at Moise’s official memorial service in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on July 20, 2021. .. (Ricardo Arduengo / Reuters)

New leader appointed

The Haitian government appointed a new prime minister on Tuesday, and authorities mourned the assassinated President Jovenel Moise.

Ariel Henry has succeeded interim Prime Minister Claude-Joseph, who took over Haiti’s leaders with police and military support after the attack on Moise’s private home on July 7. Over 11 million people.

Epoch Times Photo
Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise (R) will arrive with First Lady Martine Moise (L) for the Haiti Earthquake 10th Anniversary Ceremony on January 12, 2020 in Port-au-Prince. (ChandanKhann / AFP via Getty image)

“The work waiting for us is complicated and difficult,” Henry said when he called for unity and promised to meet with different departments in the coming days to build consensus. “I’m from a school that believes in dialogue.”

He also thanked the “sister countries” for not identifying solidarity and expertise in the ongoing investigation, as they demanded that all responsible persons be brought to justice.

Henry, a neurosurgeon and former cabinet minister, has promised to form a tentative consensus government to lead Haiti until the elections take place. He said he had already met various unidentified parties, not just civil society and the private sector. He promises to reestablish government order, security and trust, fight corruption, make the COVID-19 vaccine available to everyone, restart the economy and build a reliable and transparent election system. Did.

Haiti killed
Haiti’s interim Prime Minister Claude-Joseph will hold a press conference in Port-au-Prince on July 16, 2021. (Joseph Oderin / AP Photo)

Joseph, who spoke before introducing Henry, also urged unity and warned him, hoping for a lot of courage and determination from him.

After the ceremony, Henry’s new cabinet was officially announced, with Minister of Justice, Minister of Economy, Minister of Finance, Minister of Agriculture and others maintaining their positions.

Before Henry officially became prime minister, an international official in a dark suit to commemorate the assassinated Moise in the shade of pink and white bougainvillea in the garden of the National Pantheon Museum in downtown Port-au-Prince. And a crowd of Haitian officials were sitting. Political void.

A large portrait of the murdered president was hanging behind Joseph while talking to the mourner. “The president is dead because of his political and social beliefs,” he said.

Joseph accused the oligarchy and criminals of assassinating the president’s character and then the president himself. He called on everyone to seize the moment as an opportunity to find a common purpose and a durable and viable solution.

Moise was shot multiple times and authorities arrested at least 26 people in the case, but it is unclear who was ultimately behind the attack. Eighteen former Colombian soldiers, five Haitians, and three Haitian Americans were arrested.