Three police shots in Broward’s Miami-Dade killed one, injured one, and missed another

On an unusually violent day for law enforcement in South Florida, police in Miami-Dade and Broward County fired weapons on three people on Thursday, killing one, injuring another, and losing a third. ..

The dog was also shot and killed — not hit by a police bullet, but no police officer was injured in any of the three encounters.

According to police, when a Washington man tried to return his car to a police officer, a shooting began in Hollywood shortly after 2:45 am on Thursday, and the police officer shot him.

The incident began at a Hollywood bar

Hollywood police say Trent Conley, 24, approaches two police officers working off-duty details at Arrieto Bar & Grill on Hollywood Boulevard in 2022 and yells at them “I’m going to kick.” When they said that a conflict was caused a–. The policeman told him to leave. He did it. But he soon returned with a cup in his hand and some more words of choice, police said.

According to police, Conley said he would go to his car to get something and “spray” it. Then he threw the contents of his cup into the policeman’s face, the police said, ran away, jumped into his white jaguar, and put it upside down towards the policeman.

Before the vehicle came into contact, a policeman fired and lost Conley. He took off. The police chased him. Conley eventually collided with a parked car on Hollywood Boulevard, got out of the car, and took off again, this time on foot.

With the help of floodlights from a police helicopter, Conley was found hiding in a bush, police said. He was taken to the hospital. However, prior to admission, Conley was charged with assaulting police officers, resistance to arrest for violence, resistance and obstruction to police officers without violence, and escape from police.

On Friday, Rod Scarvin, chairman of the Broward County Police Charity Association, said what is now known, police officers did what the situation needed.

“Without knowing all the facts at this point, police officers were assaulted before deadly force was used against him,” Skirvin said. “Whenever a deadly force is used against a police officer or threatened to be used against a police officer, the police officers need to remove the threat from the public and bystanders for their protection. I think we should use all kinds of power. “

Dog is shot

Later, at 3:30 pm in Miami-Dade, police said the normally quiet High Aaliyah Gardens erupted with violence and shooting after a man shot and killed a dog.

According to police and witnesses, police 120 NW 91st Ave by someone claiming that their neighbor shot the dog. I was called to my house. When the police got there, I couldn’t see the suspect who shot the dog anywhere. The police were waiting for him when he got home. According to police, he fired at two police officers, two of whom fired.

A 31-year-old man was shot dead, injured, and taken to the hospital. Police later learned that a man (54 years old) and a woman (79 years old) were shot dead and injured elsewhere when the suspect left home. They suspect he is an archer. All three are expected to survive.

“This is what it is May have been more tragicA police spokesperson told NBC6, “Two people may have died in Hialeah. Police officers may have died on the scene.”

Start at Loss Store

And finally, when he returned north of Fort Lauderdale at 9:15 pm, police shot and killed the man they said came to the police with a knife.

Parkland’s Jeffrey Guy Sachs, 26, is self-harming at the Ross Dress for Less store on 7300 W. McNab Road, according to Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, who visited the crime scene. When it was seen, a tragic event began. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, no one else was injured in the store. However, when the man left the store, he threatened to hurt himself and rushed towards his lieutenant.

Tony said the adjutant walked backwards as the saxophone approached and tried to break through the situation. As the man continued to come, the lieutenant unleashed a few rounds and killed him.

“I think our lieutenant did a great job trying to make things worse,” said the sheriff.

Witnesses recorded the moment before the adjutant fired the weapon on his cell phone and provided a video to BSO officers. The BSO then handed it over to the Florida Law Enforcement Authority. Law enforcement agencies investigate the behavior of agents against potentially criminal misconduct.

Tony said it was “lucky” for someone to record the incident.

Jeff Bell, chairman of Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, said the shooting was “fully justified.”

“It’s an obvious scenario of suicide by cop,” said the union president. “It’s sad that a person was at the end of the rope and wanted to die.”