Three senators test positive for COVID in a groundbreaking case


Washington (AP) —Three senators said Thursday that they tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated.

Senator Angus King (Maine), Roger Wicker (R-Miss), and John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) all said they tested positive for the virus.Almost all members of the Senate spent a long time together on the Senate floor last week All night session Of a budget vote before leaving town for the August holidays.

King began to feel fever on Wednesday and said he had undergone a COVID test at the doctor’s suggestion. “I’m not feeling well, but I’m feeling much better than without the vaccine,” King said.

Wicker’s office said it tested positive for the virus Thursday morning.

“Senator Wicker has been vaccinated with COVID-19, is healthy and is being treated by a Tupelo-based doctor,” said a staff statement. “He is isolated and Senator Wicker has been notified to everyone who has recently been in close contact.”

Hickenlooper announced his positive test a few hours later.

“I feel good, but I’ll separate it according to the instructions in the documentation. I’m grateful to the vaccine (and the scientists behind it!) For limiting the symptoms,” Hickenlooper tweeted. .. “If you haven’t taken a shot, get one today, and also a booster when it’s available!”

The groundbreaking incident occurred the day after the U.S. health authorities Announced plan Distribute COVID-19 booster shots to Americans. They said shots were needed to strengthen protection against delta mutants, with signs that vaccine efficacy was declining over time.

Senator Lindsey Graham, RS.C. On August 2nd, he announced that he had a positive COVID-19 test despite being vaccinated. “I wish my good friends and colleagues a quick recovery,” he tweeted Thursday.

“If you haven’t done so already, please #GetVaccinated,” Graham added.

Dozens of lawmakers report a positive test for COVID-19. Republican Rep. Ron Wright, 67, died of the disease earlier this year, and Republican Rep. Luke Retro, 41, died in December before taking office.