Three small plane crashes found in southwestern Germany

This screenshot shows the location of a German Piper aircraft crashing on July 17, 2021 in a forest area near Steinenbronn, south of Stuttgart, Germany. (Screenshot via Google Maps / Epoch Times)

Berlin — Police said a small plane crashed shortly after taking off in southwestern Germany on Saturday, and three bodies were found at the crash site.

The Piper aircraft has landed in the woodlands near Steinenbronn, south of Stuttgart. The plane took off from Stuttgart Airport on Saturday morning with three people on board for Magdeburg in eastern Germany.

Police have not yet identified the victim, according to Deutsche Presse dpa. German air traffic control said the pilot did not make an emergency call before the plane disappeared from the radar, and the wreckage was found about 20 minutes after it took off.

The cause of the crash was not immediately apparent, but investigators recovered the flight recorder from the plane.

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