Three Texas teenagers have been charged with assault following the brutal ambush of their football teammates

Cole Hagan.

Cole Hagan wanted to play college football, his family told insiders.Courtesy of the Hagan family.

  • Three Texas teenagers were charged with assault following the assault of their football teammates.

  • Cole Hagan was brutally beaten At a party with his friends. He suffered from multiple cerebral hemorrhage and skull fractures.

  • The The Hagan family is suing A teenager’s family was involved in $ 50 million in damages.

The three teenagers were charged by a Texas grand jury on a second alleged assault after a soccer teammate jumped and was beaten hard.

Cole Hargan, then 16 years old, attended a pool party in Lake Jackson, Texas on December 3, according to police affidavits, with Brazoswood High School colleagues Logan Huber and Aiden Holland calling him. I invited him outside. Insider reported earlier..

Upon going out, a third-year high school student, Hagan, was ambushed by his Varsity football teammate, 17-year-old Reed Mitchell, who had planned an attack for several days, according to a witness statement submitted to police.

Cole Hagan.

Cole Hagan spent several days in the ICU after the assault, his family said.Courtesy of the Hagan family.

Mitchell, Hoover, and Holland were charged by a grand jury in Brazoria County, Texas, on Thursday for a felony-deteriorating assault.

Lauren Kritzas, a lawyer for the Hagan family, told insiders that three teens are facing the possibility of a two- to twenty-year sentence.

Cole’s father, Mark Hagan, told insiders that it was “a very stressful time” to wait for prosecution four months after Cole was brutally attacked.

“Speaking calmly, it was a relief,” Hagan told insiders. “We are really grateful to the District Attorney’s Office. They have worked hard to file a complaint. It was a great relief for the family.”

Reid Mitchell, Ayden Holland, and Logan Huber.

Mugshots of Reid Mitchell, Ayden Holland, and Logan Huber.Courtesy of Lake Jackson Police Station.

Steve Gonzalez, a leading Dutch lawyer, did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

According to the affidavit, in December Hoover witnessed police “Reed Mitchell’s Punch (Cole Hargan), a bear hugging him, slamming him on the ground, riding on it and elbowing his face.” He said he did.

According to the affidavit, two of Hagan’s friends found him “lying on a street bleeding from his ears.” He was hospitalized for multiple cerebral hemorrhage, skull fractures, and clavicle fractures and was ventilated.

Hagan wanted to play college football, but he “probably never plays football again,” his brother told insiders earlier. December, The Hargan family filed a proceeding Named Hargan’s colleagues and their parents, who sought damages in excess of $ 50 million against 16 people and said in a lawsuit that they “knew or should have known plans to attack Cole Hargan.” rice field.

“We are moving forward on the part of the public,” Kritzas told insiders on Saturday. “We are seeing proofs and so on, and fortunately these people will be prosecuted and the criminals will catch them.”

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