Three U.S. Senators Visit Taiwan, Travel May Stimulate China

[Taiwan]The Taiwanese government and the de facto US embassy said on the 22nd that three US Senators will visit Taiwan to meet with the English President of security T to discuss security and other issues.

The United States, like other countries, does not have formal diplomatic relations with the islands that China claims to occupy, but it is the most important international donor and arms supplier.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (Democratic-Illness) and Senator Dan Sullivan (Republican-Ark) of the Senate Military Commission, and Senator Christopher Coons (Democratic-Del) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee join the island on Sunday. To visit Taiwan’s American Institute talked about a major trip to the Indo-Pacific region.

Taiwan and American flags
On March 27, 2018, the flags of Taiwan and the United States were placed for a meeting between US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce and Su Jia-chyuan Legislative Yuan Governor in Taipei, Taiwan. (Tyrone Siu / Reuters)

“A bipartisan parliamentary delegation will meet with senior Taiwanese officials to discuss US-Taiwan relations, regional security, and other important issues of mutual interest,” he added.

Taiwan’s Cheong Wa Dae said TTT would meet three people at Matsuyama Airport in downtown Taipei on Sunday morning, thanking the support show, especially when the island is coping with the increase in COVID-19. did.

Taiwan is also dissatisfied with China’s attempt to prevent the island from accessing vaccines internationally, but the Chinese government has denied it.

In recent months, China has increased pressure to claim sovereignty over democratically governed Taiwan, regularly flying military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

China routinely denounces foreign officials’ visits to Taiwan and calls them interference with domestic affairs.

Ben Blanchard

Epoch Times staff contributed to this report