Three women arrested for drunk beatdown of Delta workers at JFK Airport

According to federal prosecutors, the unruly trio of passengers at John F. Kennedy Airport will be drunk and warlike to fly to Puerto Rico, after the crew has determined that the two Delta Air Lines He beat the employee violently.

Long Island residents Jordan Nixon (21), Janessa Torres (21) and Johanna Zavala (44) said San Juan, Puerto Rico on September 22 after the morning flight reservation was changed. I was planning to board a noon flight to.

In the meantime, prosecutors said the women ordered nine drinks at the airport bar and visibly drunk and appeared at the gate.

The federal government said Zavala had difficulty walking while Nixon had a takeaway cup filled with an orange liquid that smelled alcohol and also smelled alcohol.

According to court documents submitted by the prosecutor, DeltaGate employees informed the crew of the status of the three passengers, and the crew and captain decided not to allow the trio to board.

Security guards were called in to inform the three women and told the group that they could rebook on another flight later that afternoon while they were not allowed to fly, the prosecutor said. I did.

However, according to court documents, the women refused to leave the Jetway, cursed the guards and began screaming.

“Nixon started tapping [the security guard’s] I bowed down and removed his radio that had been clipped to him.Nixon then struck [the security guard] He failed to regain control of the radio, so he repeated it on his radio, “the prosecutor wrote in a memo asking the judge to set bail on the case.

According to prosecutors, Zavala hit the face of a Deltagate employee who was trying to stop the turmoil and help the guards.

When a Gate employee requested a backup, the trio beat and kicked a guard who had fallen to the floor — and, according to the federal government, Torres stepped on the guard’s face.

According to the prosecution, the crew could eventually protect the guards behind the glass plate to prevent the assault, and neither employee has returned to work at the airport since that day.

Torres and Zavala’s lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Nixon lawyer Peter Guadagnino said he and his clients would evaluate the evidence in the case.