Through Military-Civilian Fusion, China Allies Russia in Ukraine War

Understanding how China thinks about military technology is the key to understanding friendship with Russia

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The Russian government recently claimed that NATO’s entire satellite network and military infrastructure are aiding Ukraine in the ongoing war. At the same time, as the anniversary of the war between Russia and Ukraine approaches, Chinese President Xi Jinping is said to be planning a visit to Moscow, hinting at closer ties between the two countries.

February 1, spokesman of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov “We see how the entire NATO military infrastructure works against Russia,” he told reporters. Moscow believes that all NATO military infrastructure, including satellites, supports Ukraine day and night, adding that these operations create a “very peculiar and hostile” situation for Russia. rice field.

As the Russian-Ukrainian war enters its 11th month, space capabilities play a central role. never beforeThe combined satellite capabilities of NATO member states offer considerable advantages to the Ukrainian and supporting forces, including the rapid provision of target data for missile and artillery fire.These strikes inflicted heavy damage on the Russian army, and when the United States began to provide long range missilethey can be even more dangerous.

Xi Jinping visit hints at closer ties

At the same time, China and Russia are stepping up their cooperation as the anniversary of the Russo-Ukrainian war approaches.

upon January. 30, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Xi Jinping will visit Moscow this spring. The foreign ministry said future state visits would be “a top priority for bilateral relations in 2023.”

Lan Shu, a US-based China affairs expert, told The Epoch Times that he sees two reasons for Xi’s visit to Russia at this point.

First, the Chinese Communist Party may be looking to increase its bargaining power during Secretary of State Anthony Brinken’s visit to China.

That visit was indefinitely postponed just hours before Blinken’s scheduled departure for Beijing on February 5 due to an intrusion into US airspace by a Chinese reconnaissance balloon. The Chinese Communist Party has admitted that the balloons are Chinese.

Second, President Xi may want to issue a public statement to the world in support of Russia.

After a year of war between Russia and Ukraine, China has taken a more open and hawkish stance toward the West in President Putin’s move to ally with Russia, Mr. Lan said. suggested that there may be

Chinese Communist Party-Backed Company Supports Russian Military

January 26th, U.S. Treasury Department It has imposed sanctions on Chinese satellite manufacturer Spacety China for providing support to the Wagner Group, a Russian militia, in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The Wagner Group, recently designated a transnational criminal organization by the United States, provided tens of thousands of mercenaries to the Russian military in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

An independent investigation conducted by The Epoch Times has revealed that the ostensibly private company Spacety China has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s military. It is part of the military-industrial complex of communist China.

Also known as Tianyi Institute, the small satellite maker has offices in Beijing and Luxembourg. Spacety China has provided Russian technology company Terra Tech with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery of Ukraine, according to a US Treasury Department statement. The images were collected to enable the Wagner Group to conduct combat operations in Ukraine.

Spaity Chinas website It shows that it has deep connections with many military industrial enterprises of the Communist Party of China. The company’s major business partners include the China Rocket Technology Research Institute (CALVT), the main research and development institute for missiles of the Chinese Communist Party’s military. Spacety China’s other “business partners” include the CCP’s defense contractors in space and satellite technology, and several major universities directly affiliated with the CCP’s military research projects.

Spacety China: The Trojan Horse of the Chinese Communist Party

The Dutch book emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party’s approach to civil-military integration (CMI) is completely different from that of the West.

In the West, CMI is generally a way for the defense and civilian industries to work together to develop technology. Advances in military technology can be translated into civilian applications that meet both defense and commercial needs. Conversely, technological advances in the commercial arena benefit the military and may be aimed at achieving specific goals as the military identifies its needs.

We see this in the United States, where the U.S. military has developed close ties with the private sector, acknowledging that many of today’s breakthrough technologies come from commercial sources.

China, on the other hand, lacks the technology and personnel levels to meet the CCP’s defense goals. So the Chinese Communist Party created its own version of her CMI. This is called “military-civilian fusion”.

The Chinese Communist Party aims to build the world’s most technologically advanced military, using military-civilian fusion. However, according to the U.S. State Department, “the Chinese Communist Party has pursued this strategy not only through its own research and development efforts, but also by acquiring and diverting the world’s most advanced technology, including theft, to achieve military dominance.” Running.” (pdf)

The CCP’s military-civilian fusion involves partnerships with Chinese technology companies and academic research institutes, and Western universities and research institutes, with the goal of stealing technology needed by the CCP. These technologies will then be transferred to the Chinese Communist Party’s military.

connect the dots

Like Spacety China, Russia’s Wagner Group operates under the guise of a private company. However, its management and operations are closely tied to Russia’s military and intelligence agencies. Ukraine has about 50,000 troops.

China’s “private tech companies” work similarly. These companies may look like private companies, but they do not reflect US military industrial companies such as Lockheed his Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon. Instead, the CCP uses them as Trojan horses to infiltrate and steal critical military technology from the West.

Once you understand China’s thinking on military-civil fusion, and examine Spacety China’s relationship with the CCP military, and Wagner Group’s relationship with Putin’s military, it’s easy to connect the dots. –Ukraine war.