Tiger Mama has her 22-year-old daughter undergo a drinking test every time she returns home at night


A strict Chinese mother was recently talked about on social media for having her daughter do a drinking test to make sure she wasn’t drinking when she got home at night.

The Widely shared videoPosted last week on Weibo, showing a mother waiting as a 22-year-old daughter at the front door of her home in Zhengzhou, Henan. Identify by her name Jin, come in.

As you can see in the video, the mother approaches JinDrinking.. According to the clip, Jin’s mother is waiting for her daughter by the front door with a drinking detector every time Jin returns from a night out with her friend.

“”With my rigorous training, I can’t go home after 10 pm. [sic] Drink a drink before you get married, “explains Jin.

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Daughter also shares how she fears her Strict mother Reacts if she fails the drinking test. She adds that she has passed all the tests so far.

The viral video ignited discussions among Weibo users, who said Jin’s situation was very “repressive.” However, other users have shown support for the mother’s strict parenting.

“”I support my mom. I thought it was hard, but I wanted her parents to do that, “writes one user.

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“”What the mother does is show responsibility to her daughter. … I thought she was great, “another said.

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