Tik Tok video from Cassey Ho of Blogilates depicting “perfect” shapes from different eras will be viral


Blogilates’ Cassey Ho has edited her body to meet the standards of female beauty throughout history in a video that has been viral since it was uploaded on Tuesday.

The CEO and head designer of fitness brands Popflex and Blogilates uses a series of edited visual representations from different times, including the 2020s, 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1950s, 1400-1700s, and more. It covers the ideal body shape. ..

The video began in the 2020s, and Ho describes his ideal figure as “thick + small hips.” Squats or implants-don’t worry. Moving into the 2010s, she describes the decade as “the summer of Tumblr’s thigh gap.” She called the 2000s the “VS Angels” era, and her ideal shape was characterized by “big boobs, long legs, and a toned but not very toned flat stomach.”

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Moving into the 1900s, Ho describes the 90s as a period of debilitation where the perfect body was called “heroin chic.” In the 1950s, he praised the appearance of the hourglass popularized by American actor Elizabeth Taylor. TikToker describes the 1920s as a time when women often tied and flattened her breasts.

During the Italian Renaissance from the 1400s to the 1700s, Ho explained that thin women were considered poor, so women who maintained their full shape were considered to have a perfect body. ..

At the end of the video, Ho said: “Treatment of the body like the trend of fast fashion is outdated.”

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Many TikTok users were impressed with the author’s realistic editing.

“The fact that all edits look very natural … daaaamn,” wrote one user.

“I’m scared of the internet. They all looked real … omg,” another user commented.

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This video has received over 5 million views and 870,000 likes since it was uploaded.

Featured image via @blogilates

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