TikTok, a sleep hack developed by the military to fall asleep within 2 minutes, becomes viral

Justin Agustin, a Filipino fitness trainer and influencer on TikTok, was talked about by demonstrating military technology to help him fall asleep in two minutes.

Agustin posted TikTok video Last week’s caption: “Techniques to fall asleep in 2 minutes!” At the time of writing this article, I’ve seen over 6.6 million views and nearly 500,000 likes.

according to For a Filipino fitness coach in Montreal, this trick was developed primarily in the army for fighter pilots and helped soldiers fall asleep anytime, anywhere, including in unpleasant and noisy environments. Agustin explained that sleep is very important for soldiers in combat, as lack of sleep can reduce their concentration and reflexes.

“First, you need to calm down, relax systematically, and literally shut down each part of your body from head to toe,” Agustin said in a video, showing head-to-toe relaxation clues. increase.

To do the trick well, you need to clear your thoughts. Agustin proposes two scenarios while relieving stress. “You are lying in a calm lake canoe with only a clear blue sky above” or “Lying in a black velvet hammock on the pitch. Black room.”

Once your mind begins to wander, you can repeat the phrase “don’t think” for 10 seconds to return to deep breathing and peaceful visualization.

Agustin explained to the viewer that he had to practice this technique every night for six weeks. He claimed that 96% of those who mastered military tricks could fall asleep within two minutes of closing their eyes.

“I was a military brat and I was taught this,” commented a TikTok user. “I also had a veteran who taught this as a psychology teacher at college. It definitely works.”

“I tried this, but it doesn’t 😴😴😴”, another viewer wrote.

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