TikTok reviews flagged content allegedly promoting smuggling into the UK

China-owned social media platform TikTok said Tuesday it was reviewing content it believed promoted people smuggling into the UK.

This happens after the content was reported by a UK media outlet. GBNews.

Some of the videos were sent to the broadcaster by unnamed viewers and appear to target Albanian-speaking immigrants who want to go to the UK.

One of the videos shows a sequence of footage that begins with a parked Wizz Air flight that the captain says is “Linas” (the Albanian village), the streets of Brussels and Paris, and then the French coastal city of Dunkirk. increase. English channel with the word ‘water’, a smiling emoji and British and Albanian flags.

The video then shows the River Thames in London and what appears to be rubber boats and other equipment, with the caption, “We’re not the only ones, but we’re the best.”

Then you will see English captions. [percent]. Kurds and Albanians. Welcome to England. ”

The video advertised the crossing for £4,000, £4,500 or £5,500 per person, and one poster labeled ‘Summer Sale’ offered to smuggle people in for £3,500. .

After GB News contacted TikTok about the video, a platform spokesperson said the content was under review and would likely be banned.

“Our policy is to prevent users from engaging in life-threatening activities or being exploited by others, so we do not allow content that depicts, promotes, modifies or facilitates smuggling on TikTok.” said the spokesperson.

“We are currently reviewing content with relevant language support. Flagged accounts may be banned per the policy above.”

According to GB News, TikTok has banned four accounts reported by broadcasters.

A Home Office spokesperson said: [from] being exploited.

“The government has been working on this online disinformation and has recently taken a number of measures to warn people of the risks of these deadly journeys and expose lies being sold to vulnerable populations by inhumane smugglers. , launched its own social media campaign.”

The number of people smuggled into the UK from France in small boats has surged in recent years, with 8,466 in 2020, 1,843 in 2019 and 299 in 2018, according to official statistics. 28,526 people were detected.

By August 2, 2022, approximately 17,085 illegal immigrants had arrived.

Lily Zhou


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer covering UK news primarily for The Epoch Times.