TikTok star Justine Paradise says YouTuber Jake Paul has been accused of sexually assaulting and did not seek consent

Jake Paul
Jake Paul faces a new allegation from TikTok’s personality, Justin Paradise. Ethan Miller / Getty Images
  • TikTok star Justin Paradise, 24, has accused Jake Paul of assaulting her at her home in California in July 2019.

  • She said Paul forced her to have oral sex and did not ask for consent.

  • Paradise said he hesitated to speak because he was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

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TikTok star Justin Paradise, 24, said YouTuber Jake Paul had sexually assaulted her at her home in Los Angeles.

Paradise, who has more than 524,000 followers on TikTok, said he met Paul, 24, again this year in July 2019. California Team 10 Home, Where he and a few friends lived.

so 20 minute youtube video Posted last Friday, she said she went to Team 10’s house with her friends several times. She was first invited to Team 10’s home in June 2019 and spent time with Paul and his friends while recording some videos in his studio.

The paradise-Paul relationship reportedly took place between June 1st and July 19th, during which Paradise exchanged text messages with Paul.

Paradise said Paul acted awkwardly around her and even sent her a text message when they were in the same room.

“I don’t think he always got what he wanted, acquired social skills and didn’t have to talk to people. Girls basically throw themselves at him. He’s another girl every day. , Go to the room with several different girls. “She said.

Justin Paradise Jake Paul

Paradise showed a screenshot of some text messages she said she received from Paul. Screenshot / YouTube

Insiders are asking Paradise and Paul for comment.

At one point while spending time at Team 10’s house, Paul pulled her into the corner and said she had begun “reconciliation” with her in front of her friends. It didn’t make her feel uncomfortable at first.

But when Paul took him upstairs and “brought it to bed” and got on top of her, she began to feel uncomfortable.

At some point Paul is said to have said, “If nothing happens, what is important?”

“Sex is very special and very important to me,” said Paradise.

“I usually respect everyone when I don’t want to do sexual things, so I thought it was okay to go to his room. I thought I should stop kissing, so I can kiss. I thought. I don’t want to do anything else. “

She claimed that Paul grabbed her face and forced her into oral sex, and even though she didn’t say it many times, she continued to touch her in the “place.”

“I couldn’t tell him to stop. He just pushed himself into me, he didn’t ask for consent or anything,” she insisted. “It’s not okay. It’s okay at any level.”

Paradise then said that Paul had done a “180” and had a cold after the incident, and that he had never been apologized by Paul.

She said she was only talking two years later, saying she was allowed to talk about the alleged case after signing a non-disclosure agreement required for all guests entering Paul’s house. He added that he didn’t know.

“I thought signing an NDA would basically give up my right to speak anything,” she said.

Jake Paul
Paul was seen outside the Carabasas mansion in a video called “Team 10 House” shared with other YouTube users. Jake Paul / YouTube

She added that she was saying this publicly, hoping to understand that Paul “needs to ask people for consent,” and “has been thinking about this literally every day since it happened.” Added.

“The more I think about it, the more I notice it, no one can do it, and I think it’s the right thing to do,” Paradise said.

Paul Social media This week he is currently in the fight against former MMA World Champion Ben Askren in the UFC. He is not working on that claim.

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