TikTok USA set up a job search platform, let’s find a new job with short videos



In response to the lifestyle of the new Gen Z generation relying on social platforms, TikTok, one of the most influential services, even thought of making good use of its short video features and becoming a new tool for young people to find jobs. TikTok was launched in the U.S. #TikTokResumes The pilot program, together with more than a dozen American companies, will recruit vacancies, and the candidates will be in the exclusiveWeb pageAfter you find your favorite job, you only need to submit your LinkedIn and TikTok account links as your personal resume.

Many of the job vacancies in #TikTokResumes are jobs that require creativity and facing the masses. Therefore, the video uploaded by applicants on TikTok can show themselves well. Perhaps this method of selection is unexpectedly suitable.

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