TikTok users confront a man who allegedly broke an anti-Asia hatred flyer in Mountain View

A TikTok user confronted a man in Mountain View, California, who allegedly demolished a leaflet promoting protests against violence in Asia.

Users passing by Raya Sunshine, In a video she uploaded on Monday, you can see her approaching an older white man.

“You really should be ashamed of yourself stripping those leaflets, I saw you.” When he gets into the car, she yells at him.

TI can hear his unidentified man screaming, “Can you tell me what to do?”

“You should have let go of them.” She then explains. “They are not your flyers.”

The two continue to argue as he enters the passenger seat of his car.

“F — You, you have hatred in your heart.” She waved a man through the open window before the car ran away.

The commenter thanked her for intervening to support the AAPI community.

“Thank you for confronting him. Having an ally helps, it’s time for progress.” Written by one user.

As another user pointed out, it was ironic that the male car was a Japanese brand Honda.

At the end of the video, Raya showed two leaflets allegedly demolished by a man. One brought awareness to the murder Pakuho, Others included march details.

On April 11, community members were reported to have gathered for a procession organized by young people to protest the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. Daily dot..

According to the leaflet, the event welcomed testimony from participants and marked a moment in memory of Park Ho.

Feature image via Raya Sunshine

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