TikTok user’s viral reaction to being called “very fat” by a random stranger leaves him silent

A TikTok user recently became viral in her reaction to being called fat by a stranger at a restaurant.

Food blogger and strawberry lover @Strawberrifyme was filming himself trying a strawberry dessert to review more than 59,000 followers when a stranger suddenly disturbed her.

As she shows her slice Strawberry shortcake You can hear a stranger asking the camera, “Madmoiseru, do you want to eat everything?” Off screen.

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“”Do not know. I think I was able to do it, “she says.

“”That’s why you’re so fat. As you know, I’m looking at you, “he continued, ironically,” That’s right. That’s what keeps me popular and fat. “

The man just answers “OK”.

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“”Me: I’m not moving. Try to grow as an Asian … also known as gorgeous on the same day, “says the on-screen text on the TikTok video.

A video of her interaction with a stranger posted last week attracted over 2.6 million likes and 27,000 comments.

Many TikTok users Food blogger In response to her reaction to the fat shy in public, one user commented, “I want this level of innocence.”

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“”The boldness of a complete stranger. I would have literally been savage to him. He praises him for keeping him cool, “says another user.

“”Wowwwwww bruh – God knew that he wouldn’t put me in that situation. Girl, you are so graceful and beautiful. Good for loved ones, “said another user.

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Featured image via @strawberrifyme