TikToker cooks meals with her husband’s lucky Asian arowana pet fish and teaches him lessons.

In recent viral Ticktaku, You can see an Indonesian woman cooking her husband’s expensive pet fish to protest her husband’s laziness.

Wife’s frustration: In the posted video October 8th, TikTok User Mia Kurniawan (@ miakurniawan01) You can see the scaling and seasoning of the arowana fish. $ 300,000Before frying to teach my husband a lesson.

  • according to AsiaOne, Kurnia One wrote in the accompanying text: I thought it would be delicious if fried. ”

  • “It’s already cooked and ready to eat,” she declares and shows the cooked fish. She ends the video with a heart gesture with her thumb and forefinger.

  • With her follow TikTok video Created in response to comments from netizens, Kurniawan’s husband is forgiving her and trying to buy her new pet, arowana.

All about fish: The fish fried by Kurnia One is the most expensive Asian arowana in the world. NextShark..

  • Asian arowana, more commonly known as dragonfish, is a species that grows naturally in freshwater in Southeast Asia.

  • Its shimmering red and gold scales are believed to bring good luck to many Asian homes.

  • Met is highly regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in countries such as China and Japan. In fact, middle-class Chinese men collect them in the same way they collect cars.

  • Asian arowana I also participated in a fish beauty contest. You may even get $ 60 to $ 90 in cosmetic surgery, such as eyelift and chin work, allegedly.

  • Special fish are protected by the Endangered Species Act and cannot be brought into the United States...

Featured image via @ miakurniawan01

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