TikToker shares regrettable reveal of $7,000 custom ‘nightmare’ wedding dress at her final fitting, two months before 500 wedding

  • Josephine Pepa, 25, ordered a $7,000 custom bridal gown for her September wedding.

  • Ten weeks before the 500-person event, Pepa had her last “nightmare” fitting.

  • Pepa explained that the pearl was “flying” during the session and had to purchase a replacement at the last minute.

Josephine Pepa, a 25-year-old pharmacist, ordered her dream custom bridal gown for her September wedding.

But when she showed up for her final fitting, just 10 weeks before 500 guests arrived in Garden City, New York, to see her wedding to 31-year-old Michael Jandovitz, Pepa looked like herself. I found no “horrible” dress. totally expected.

Pepa’s gown nightmare began when she chose to order a custom wedding dress.

Pepa tries on a custom-made wedding dress

Pepa told viewers on TikTok, “I’m literally laughing in pain.Courtesy of Josephine Pepa

A few months ago, Pepa was discouraged trying on a gown.

“There was nothing that made me feel fit or confident,” she told an insider in an email.

Pepa made an appointment after a friend showed her an “absolutely beautiful” custom gown that the designer had made for her. said.

Plus, she was already in love with the intricately embroidered Valdrin Sahiti gown.

“The reason I didn’t order the dress from him was that he was working abroad and ironically, I was worried that the dress I received wouldn’t look like the picture.

Instead, Pepa paid $7,000 for a custom-made one.”replicaSahichi Gown, the designer who made her friend’s dress.

But at her final fitting, the second time she saw the dress in person, Pepa was horrified.

Pepa trying on a custom wedding dress

The final fitting, just over two months away from her wedding, was the second time the bride tried on the gown.Courtesy of Josephine Pepa

At her first fitting in December 2021, Pepa said the designer assured her that it wouldn’t look like the skeleton gown she tried on. ‘No questions,’ she told viewers November 14 Tik TokAccording to Pepa, six months later, the designer called for her final fitting, which was the second time she had tried on a wedding dress, and was requested to delay by a month.

Pepa described the dress she wore with her mother and bridesmaids at her final fitting in July as a “literal nightmare.” tick tock.

“I honestly felt humiliated,” she told the insider. so it looked like it had a pouch for a baby kangaroo.”

In a note Pepa later sent to the designer, she also said the see-through bodice was designed that way, “because adding pearls in there made me look bigger because of my big breasts.” Adopting a tongue-in-cheek British accent, Pepa told viewers: November 22 Tik Tok Comment “Not good for my body dysmorphia!”

The gown didn’t look like what she wanted, and I didn’t think it was well made.

Pepa tries on a custom-made wedding dress.with his back facing the camera

Pepa said she started hyperventilating during the final dress fitting.Courtesy of Josephine Pepa

With less than two months left until the wedding, Pepa said she started hyperventilating.

“I kept thinking of ways to fix it and tried to pass my thoughts on to the designer, but she said, ‘You don’t listen to my attitude,’ and walked away,” said Pepa. .

Initially, Pepa said her friends and family were trying to be very supportive. Everyone gave their honest, unfiltered opinions on why it was a dress as heinous as it was and rattled off why.”

A devastated Pepa told the designer that day that she would not be wearing the gown to the wedding, and sent a text three days later repeating it.

“Both you and I know it’s a sad excuse for a wedding dress. There are endless design flaws, even if it matches what I originally asked you to recreate.” Pepa wrote part of the message.

“You said out loud that the dress you showed me you wanted was really only used as an ‘inspiration,'” continued Pepa. When were you going to tell me?”

“If it was too difficult, it was okay to change the vision of the dress. I understood that it was a job,” she wrote. It’s your job and responsibility.”

You can see a screenshot of the whole note on Pepa’s November 22 Tik Tok.

Ten weeks before her 500-guest wedding, Pepa began a new search for a wedding dress.

The back side of Pepa's wedding gown, the one Pepa wore at the bridal gown shop

Ten weeks after the wedding, Peppa found the actual wedding and reception dresses.Courtesy of Josephine Pepa

Two days later, Pepa, back in her plans, drove to a wedding salon in Manhassett and said she found two dresses, a “one-of-a-kind” Marchesa wedding dress and a Vera Wang reception dress. She wore it on her wedding day.

Overall, Pepa’s new dress cost “twice” as a custom-made gown for a “hard” short-term change.

“At first,” Pepa told Insider. “I was incredibly frustrated.

But she believed her loved ones kept her spirits high. Her then-fiancé Jandovitz took Pepa and her bridesmaids to a new wedding dress shop that weekend and waited three hours in the car.

After all, Pepa believes that everything happens for a reason.

Pepa in the bridal gown she wore at her wedding

Pepa wore a “one of a kind” Marchesa gown.Vanessa Joy/@vanessajoy via Josephine Pepa

In the end, Pepa said she ended up getting a full refund for the custom dress.

“Looking at the wedding photos now, I thank God that I was able to get a new dress,” Pepa told an insider.

“The dress was the exact opposite of what I wanted,” she said. I also avoided ball gowns because I didn’t think the fit had any effect on my figure.Look, I ended up getting a strapless ball gown.”

“As dramatic as this sounds,” she said. “I think we believe in divine intervention after this chaotic situation.”

As for the wedding, Pepa said it went off without a hitch.

Bridal shot of Josephine Pepa in her wedding dress

Pepa said the wedding dress debacle ended up being “a good laugh”.Vanessa Joy/@vanessajoy via Josephine Pepa

“I don’t think many people can say that,” she said. I had no idea it was possible.

Plus, it turned out to be a good private joke at first. “On the back of my head, I had a good laugh when I thought about everyone’s reaction if I wore the original, custom-designed dress,” Pepa said of her wedding day.

And now with that story It became a hot topic on TikTok, it’s also made for a pretty fun public use. Commenters expressed her sympathy for Pepa, taking her cues and joking with her about her stressful experiences.

As for other brides, Pepa recommends doing “thorough research” and communicating frequently.

“Communication is key, and I learned the hard way,” she told Insider.

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