TikToker spread by word of mouth by showing mold under Starbucks cake pop icing

Sacred mold!

For TikTok users Moldy Starbucks cake pop video Social media users are becoming viral and grossing out everywhere.

A video posted by Taylor Bullard posted on TikTok under username @ teabezel28 has been viewed over 8 million times in just four days and shows the inside of a coffee chain bakery cake pop.

Underneath the colorful frosting and sprinkles is something that looks like vanilla cake and chocolate chips. However, cake pops should not contain chocolate chips.

“Well, it’s not chocolate chips … what’s good about Starbucks? ?,” wrote a social media user.

The post quickly collected over 741,000 likes and nearly 26,000 comments, and many TikTok users were worried that the same would happen to them.

“I never knew because I literally eat them whole,” writes one person. Another comment commented, “How did you know to look inside omg?”

Today’s food When she contacted Boullard, she revealed that she first found mold when she chewed a cake pop.

“It just felt weird, just as the frosting came off,” she said. “I’m already skeptical of food, so I just looked down and saw the mold and regurgitated it before I started biting the bite I removed.”

A TikTok user explained that he bought a cake pop at Starbucks on his way home from the Boston airport and chewed the cake pop when he left the car in less than 15 minutes. She also revealed that this was the first time such an incident had occurred at Starbucks.

The coffee chain jumped into the conversation in the wind of the post and left the following comment on @ teabezel28’s post: “We are worried and want to learn more to get it right. 1 Please call -800-782-. 728 2. Thank you. “

TODAY Food contacted the company and a Starbucks spokesperson shared the following statement: Experience of @ teabezel28. We apologize and contacted you to learn more about their experience. Knowing the customer’s experience, we began investigating how this incident happened. “

Relation: “I was horrified and very sick because my daughter ate it,” said Taura Massey, who lives in Florida.

Just days after posting the first video, Bowlard shared the next update on his TikTok profile: “The Starbucks update is scheduled for 5/5 tomorrow.” On Wednesday, TikTok users posted a new video. It was revealed that we shared and talked to Starbucks.

“So they sent me a message on Twitter, but everyone wouldn’t like this. They said the best way to deal with my eating most of the mold was to give me a $ 25 gift card. I’ve decided. A $ 25 gift card? Everything shows its will with that information. “

Contacting Starbucks today, a spokesperson confirmed that the company apologized to the customer and issued a $ 25 gift card for her next visit.