TikToker states that she has officially discovered that she has been missing since 1980.

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TikTok user “Bearded Mom” ​​says she learned she was officially missing.

(TikTok / @ thebeardedmom)

42 years old TikTok users She was officially missing and became a hot topic on social media after explaining that she was a victim of kidnapping.

A user known as @thebeardedmom uploaded a series of videos to Ticktaku She was missing and revealed that she was a victim of kidnapping at the age of 26.

“I was missing, since 1980,” she told viewers. “There was a police investigation that was inaccessible because the records were archived, but I was kidnapped.”

According to TikToker, the revelation came after she approached the sheriff for more information about the biological mother after discovering that she was not the mother’s birth.

The sheriff said, “I am very interested in who I am and my personal information, and after discussing for a few minutes who I am, sit down and he tells me something. I asked me to do something. ” ..

“I sat down and told me he was missing, although he couldn’t find any information about my mother,” Tik Toker claimed.

In a series of follow-ups, viewers were reported to have lost a woman by her biological grandmother after her biological mother sold her to the couple who raised her. ..

“I basically have two families, a biological family and a family who kidnapped me,” TikToker said in a third video, all entitled “My Kidnapping.”

She went on to say that federal and state instigators couldn’t find out why she had been missing for more than 20 years, despite taking care of the state.

Not surprisingly, TikToks quickly became viral, with the first view having more than a million views in five days.

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