TikTokers are rethinking the ‘parental trap’ after pointing out that the actor who played Meredith wasn’t a villain

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Meredith Blake was portrayed as a villain in “The Parent Trap”.Buena Vista Photobook Delivery

  • Elaine Hendricks, who played Meredith Blake in “The Parent Trap,” posted a TikTok about her character.

  • It went viral, and TikTokers are reconsidering if Meredith was the villain she was portrayed as.

  • A tribute to the character’s “iconic” style has also been posted.

actor Elaine Hendricks went viral with a reimagined TikTok video to mark the 24th anniversary of the movie The Parent Trap. Hendrix, who plays the villainous Meredith Blake in the film, has made people wonder if her personality is as bad as she thought.

In 1998’s The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan played 11-year-old identical twins Annie and Harry. Annie and Harry separated shortly after birth, were raised by one of their parents, and first met at a summer camp. Then he plots to reconcile his parents.

Hendrix played Meredith Blake, an attractive woman who is engaged to the father of her twins, the owner of a vineyard called Nick. Meredith has been portrayed as the story’s “villain” to keep her family from reuniting, even saying she wants to “send those brats to Switzerland” after her wedding.

Harry and Annie's parent trap

Lindsay Lohan played the twins in the 1998 movie.Buena Vista Photobook Delivery

On July 29, exactly 24 years after the film’s release, Hendrix Posted a TikTok video See her character It showed Hendrix opening a bottle of wine while Adele’s “Easy on Me” played in the background. The on-screen caption began, “Although he’s 10 years old.” popular memes A place where people point out perceived flaws that make a potential romantic partner unattractive.

“He’s 10 years old, but he has twins who were secretly separated at the time of birth, and when he broke up with his mother, he didn’t know until the twins discovered each other in camp and swapped places trying to get their parents back together. I didn’t tell you about it.” I read the text.

It went on to describe the events depicted in the film from Meredith’s point of view. This included “pranks” such as Annie and Harry putting a lizard on their heads during a camping trip and pushing an air mattress into a lake while they slept. .

Hendrix’s video has amassed 1.6 million likes and 6.7 million views, making it one of the most popular videos she’s ever posted.

Several comments under the video were tagged #justiceformeredithblake, with one commenting, “She was a successful woman, a mulled wine dad who lied about her family and was still in love with his ex. fell in love with

Other comments read, “Poor Meredith. You can do better” and “Growing up is realizing that Meredith Blake is a victim of circumstance rather than a villain.”

Post claiming ‘Meredith Blake wasn’t a villain’ circulated in the past,include TikTok video posted by E!news July 2021 shows Hendricks character explaining why Meredith was unfairly defamed.

Meredith’s fashion style She in the movie is also garnering praise on the platform, with creators calling out her outfit “iconic”.

Hendrix’s TikTok account has nearly 700,000 followers, Other Videos Previously Referencing “The Parent Trap”there are comments under some of the videos telling her that she “loved” her role in the film.

Hendrix also appeared in the 1997 film Romy and Michelle High School Reunion and most recently played Carrington in Netflix’s Dynasty alongside Elizabeth Gillies.

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