Tim Allen says Disney is ‘a little disappointed’ at Pamela Anderson’s allegations that he flashed her on the ‘Home Improvement’ set

Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson as Tim Taylor and Tool Girl Lisa in 'Home Improvement'

Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson as Tim Taylor and Tool Girl Lisa in ‘Home Improvement’ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images

  • Tim Allen said he has a “weird memory” of when Pamela Anderson appeared on “Home Improvement.”

  • Anderson wrote in her memoir that Allen flashed her on her first day on set.

  • Allen said “everyone” at Disney and ABC was “a little disappointed” in the memory of the show.

Tim Allen says ‘everyone’ at Disney and ABC is ‘disappointed’ Pamela Anderson After she claimed he flashed her on the set of 1991’s “Home Improvement.”

In her next memoir, “I love you, Pamela.” Anderson recalled filming the first two seasons of the sitcom.According to the excerpt seen by variety, On the first day of filming, Allen opened his robe in front of the former ‘Baywatch’ star with nothing underneath.

Allen last week Denying Anderson’s allegations,: “No, I didn’t. I wouldn’t do that.”

Allen further commented on Anderson. Last week, a Daily Mail reporter stopped in the street.

“She was a great colleague. I’ll pass that on,” Allen said. “She’s a fun girl. Everyone loved her, but everyone at ABC is a little disappointed in her… remember it that way. All of us at Disney/ABC, really.”

“She’s a good girl. I really like her. She has a strange memory.”

Representatives for Anderson and Disney couldn’t be reached for comment.

On ‘Home Improvement’, Anderson played the first ‘Tool Girl’ for two years on a fictional show within a sitcom called ‘Tool Time’ before moving on to her hit show ‘Baywatch’. .

Last week, Variety published excerpts from Anderson’s memoir in which she spoke about the incident.

“On the first day of shooting, I walked out of the dressing room. Tim was in the hallway in his robe. He opened his robe and gave me a quick flash. I was completely naked underneath,” Anderson said. I was. “He said it was fair because he saw me naked. now we are equallaughed uncomfortably. ”

Variety said Allen was likely referring to seeing Anderson posing nude. playboy After being selected by a magazine “Playmate of the Month” the year before the incident.

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