Time for a new Can-Am alliance in the defense of freedom


Much has been written about Canadian truck driver protests against vaccine obligations imposed by authorities during the COVID pandemic and other forms of government overshoot.

Former US Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul, who wrote in the Epoch Times, said, “We are all Canadian truck drivers now!” In fact, Canadian truck drivers are bravely acclaimed from different parts of the free world.

Recently, it has been reported that an American version of the Canadian Free Convoy may be in production. About Tucker Carlson Tonight, Brian Brace, one of the organizers of the proposed “Convoy to DC 2022”, said his group was motivated by the Canadian example and the United States.

A shared history of courage

Many Americans have even expressed the surprise and enjoyment that Canadians, who consider themselves desperately devout residents of a liberal nanny state, will take dramatic actions to protect their freedom.

However, keep in mind that the grassroots Kanax and Yankees have a history of gathering to protect their freedom. When General George C. Marshall of the United States visited London in the dark spring of 1942, Sir Louis Mountbatten, Commander of the British Union Operations, introduced him to a maverick strategist named Jeffrey N. Pike. ..

Pike had plans to train special forces equipped to attack important Norwegian hydroelectric power plants under Nazi occupation. Winston Churchill argued that it should be a joint force of Americans and Canadians.

When the Kannam Task Force finally rallyed at Fort William Henry Harrison, the commander was Lieutenant Colonel Robert Tryon Frederick, 35, aged 35. His Canadian regiment commander was 34-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Jack FR Akehurst, a former miner in southern Ontario.

Since Canada has been in the war since 1939, Canadian soldiers have been withdrawn from permanent regiments such as the Royal Winnipeg Rifle and the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. American recruits came from an assortment of lumberjacks, miners, trap hunters, peasants, game guards, and other working class professions. Most of the men in both countries were blue-collar hard drive types, much like the truck drivers who recently brought their rigs to Ottawa.

Although Norway’s original plans were unsuccessful, the First Special Service Force (SSF) became one of the most fierce combat units in World War II. Nicknamed “Thief,” “Freddie’s Cargo Ship,” and “North American,” the unit finally became known to the German army as the “Devil’s Brigade.” SSF troops crossed from Montana’s original training camp to the Aleutian Islands, the Italian Campaign, the Battle of Monte Cassino, Anzio, and the liberation of Rome.

Throughout, the Devil’s Brigade was reported to have captured the imagination of the entire Fifth Army and won legendary praise on the battlefield where heroes were taken for granted. Once during the battle in Anzio, the brigade was ordered to take a defensive position. A soldier’s feelings summarize the rebellious attitude of the entire brigade. “Protect? Hell,” he protested. “Let the terrible Nazis defend!” This is the attitude of a brave man whose freedom is at stake.

A new kind of resistance

None of the Canadian truck drivers suggested that their current actions would rise to the level of sacrifice made by their ancestors on the European battlefield. Nonetheless, they showed a new level of belief and resistance that was like a breath of fresh air to ordinary North Americans.

Members of Freedom Convoy run the risk of unemployment, bankruptcy, arrest, and even detention. We all saw the “Stop Steel Rally” scenario in the United States after January 6, 2021. The appearance of a mysterious masked man with a South Army flag that had to be summoned by legitimate protesters in Ottawa should remind activists of a false flag operation possible.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was able to break through the situation in Ottawa by opening a dialogue with the truck driver. So far, he has chosen not to do so. Instead, on February 1, he described the protesters as anti-Semitic, Islamophobia, anti-black speciesist, and transphobia, and called on the MP to unanimously blame them.

The prime minister states that military intervention is “not on the card so far”, but like his late father, who enforced the War Measures Act as a result of two FLQ kidnappings, he had a heroic moment in the 1970s. There is no choice but to doubt that it might be fun.

When a Congressional Hill reporter faced Pierre Elliott Trudeau asking, “What about all these men and guns around here?” When the Prime Minister asked how far he would expand the law and order, he replied, “Watch me.” This reaction earned about 85 percent of Canadians praise for his “decisive” behavior.

If the CBC’s constant demonization of truck drivers continues, I have to wonder if something similar is “in the card.”

The need for a Can-Am alliance in the defense of freedom

Negative coverage by the Canadian regime media regarding truck drivers and their supporters has been influenced by US conservative radio hosts and Golden Time Fox News figures such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Greg Gutfeld. Has been challenged.

It’s nice to see the American media draw more attention to freedom-loving Canadians than they can expect from their current cultural institutions.

In a column in the Epoch Times in September 2021, I asked, “Can truck drivers, trampers, and radio hosts help rescue America?” I argued that the progressive agenda proposed by globalist Intellicia’s “Creme de la Creme” steals the hopes and dreams of ordinary North Americans. “Sans frontières” Preparatory school Marxists from both sides of the 49th parallel are always on the alert to protect the awakened Orthodox and suppress the dissidents.

Many children and grandchildren of World War II veterans did not feel forced to attend college. They gradually increased the rank of the company by entering the trade, starting small and medium-sized enterprises, and occupying a promising position in private enterprises. Some of my own friends and family lived a decent life in the truck business.

Since the late 1960s, all our learning and influential institutions have been occupied by a violent domestic revolutionary movement reminiscent of those who risked the forgotten people of the Devil’s Brigade to risk their lives and resist. Has been done.

Ordinary Canadians and Americans want to regain their jobs and businesses and make a significant portion of their hard-earned money. They want the freedom to regain their personal lives, regain their right to dissent, restore dignity, and choose the best medical precautions for them.

If truck drivers and other civilians on either side of the border are willing to stand up for our freedom, we should try to stand with them again.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

William Brooks


William Brooks is a Canadian writer who contributes to The Epoch Times in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of “The Civil Conversation” of the Civitas Society of Canada.