Tina Turner buys a $ 76 million Swiss villa — here’s what you need to know

Legendary musician Tina Turner lives Europe for over 20 years With her German-born husband Erwin Bach. She seems happy to commit since she and Bach abandoned US citizenship nearly a decade ago. Pairs have rented real estate in Switzerland for decades, but they couldn’t buy a home because the law limits non-citizens to buy real estate in the country. Since I got citizenship in 2013, I have been able to fully exercise my right to buy what I like. The New York post The latest addition to their portfolio reports is $ 76 million in real estate near Lake Zurich.

The property boasts 10 different structures spread across 5.5 acres of land and includes a private lakefront space.As she said, outdoor space has always been Turner’s priority advertisement When the magazine visited her property in Southern France in 2000, “I need nature and loneliness. They raise me. My vacation idea is that my boyfriend cooks dinner. While you’re ready to read a book on the terrace. ”The bushes and other greenery ensure privacy, while the swimming pool and dock allow you to enjoy the outdoors even more.

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It’s unclear if the couple bought a primary home in Switzerland or if they still rent a home called Château Algonquin, where they lived for years before they acquired citizenship. In any case, there is no doubt that Turner will be delighted to decorate the property. “A great interior must be united,” Turner said. advertisement.. “When I look at what I love: a set of furniture, a work of art, I don’t measure or hesitate. I just buy. In the end, I can find the place. There is a big storeroom. I always wanted to change my surroundings and needed it. “

Originally appeared Architectural digest