TN rescue teams say a five-year-old child was trapped in the pool for hours. “Hurry up and take me out”


According to officials, the five-year-old was in a nearby pool when his hand was caught in a jet and was trapped for hours.

“It was very difficult,” Tennessee’s mother, Lydia Johnston, told WTVF. “He was having a hard time at first and he was asking everyone to hurry. “Hurry up and take me out.”

Rescue team rushed into subdivision Please help save the boy According to the crew, Tuesday, June 21st.

“Initially, they tried everything to free their hands, such as (dawn) and baby oil, but it became clear that they wouldn’t come out without extensive work and actually removing the concrete. “It was,” Stout, chief of the Chapel Hill Fire Department in Matthew Tennessee, told WTVF.

Reportedly, it took more than three hours to reach out the child’s arms and required more than 12 first responders. Officials demanded that the surgery drain the pool from the surgery, Break through the concrete One day When the temperature rises sharply In the 90’s, according to WKRN and the National Weather Service.

“Due to extreme temperatures and large-scale rescue operations, multiple agencies and individuals have come together,” firefighters wrote on Facebook.

Officials said the boy got Stuck in a nearby pool Located in the Spring Creek Farm parcel, about 45 miles south of Nashville. After the trial, the nearby Franklin Fire Department shared a photo of a hole in the ground and debris sitting by the pool.

“Thank you Save my sonJohnston commented on the Chapel Hill Fire Department Facebook page. “He’s doing well thanks to so many heroes.”

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