Toddlers are not expected to survive after alleged assault by their mother’s 19-year-old boyfriend


A 19-year-old man was arrested after a 19-month-old girl in a car was found on Wednesday with a life-threatening head injury, police said.

Mickey E. Brown, Jr. was booked in Spokane County Jail shortly before 2:00 pm on Friday, where he was charged with a felony of child assault. According to a news release from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, the girl is being taken care of at a local hospital but is not expected to survive.

According to a news release, firefighters in Spokane Valley responded to homes near Second Avenue and Custer Road around 5:30 pm on Wednesday. When they investigated the girl’s injury, they asked the police to reply to their address.

Brown, the girl’s mother’s boyfriend, said he gave the girl a bath to feed her when she had a seizure. When he noticed she wasn’t breathing, he rushed to a house near his family and said he stumbled and fell to his child. He also said she was killed by a dog.

According to police, the mother said she left her child to Brown’s care while she was working.

According to police, a doctor caring for the child told police on Friday that the injury was not accidental but “very specific” to “abuseful head injuries.”

Prices may be revised, officials said. Child assaults are punished with a maximum lifelong imprisonment and a $ 50,000 fine.