Tokyo’s new COVID-19 infection peaked in 5 weeks

An advertising truck operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building that displays a message warning of the spread of the N501Y mutant COVID-19 strain will run on the streets of Tokyo on May 14, 2021. (Naoki Ogura / File Photo / Reuters)

Tokyo — Tokyo reported 716 new COVID-19 infections on Saturday. This is best in more than five weeks, as we are considering expanding pandemic regulations in the capital just weeks before the Olympics.

Tokyo and the three neighboring prefectures are one of the areas covered by the state of emergency, which will take effect until July 11, but due to the recent increase in infectious diseases, Japan may extend measures for more than two weeks. There is.

The surge in COVID-19 is due to the Olympic organizers struggling to decide whether to allow spectators at the Olympic Games starting July 23.

The organizers, who decided to ban foreign spectators, limited the number of domestic spectators to 10,000 per tournament venue, or 50% of the capacity, but medical professionals said that spectators were “lowest risk”. It states that it is not an option.

The number of COVID-19 on Saturday is the highest since May 26, when there were 743 new infections in Tokyo.

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