Tom Brady considered leaving his last patriot training camp after Bill Belichick refused to give him a long-term contract, the book says.

Tom Brady will be on the sidelines during the Patriots match.

Tom Brady. Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

  • According to a new book, Tom Brady almost left the Patriots training camp in 2019 over the deal.

  • Brady wanted a two-year contract to make him 45, but Bill Belichick refused.

  • He left to join the Bucks after playing the season with the Patriots.

Tom Brady almost snapped when the New England Patriots refused to commit to him in the long run in 2019, says the new book.

According to Seth Wickersham’s book on the Patriots dynasty, “it’s better to be afraid,” Brady said, “thinking out of the camp” when the team didn’t give him a long-term contract.

Brady, then 42, wanted a two-year contract to secure his future in New England until he was 45. He played on an annual contract, so the team had the flexibility to create a roster around him, but they made a long-term investment in quarterbacks, who were already playing at an almost unthinkable age. Hindered.

According to Wickersham, Bill Belichick refused to give in to the deal. The team’s owner, Robert Kraft, was fine with that, but he also refused to get involved and disable Belichick, the book says.

Of course, Brady didn’t leave the training camp, but according to Wickersham, it influenced Brady’s thinking this season.

There were signs of heightened tension, revealing Brady’s dissatisfaction with the Patriot Way. Previous year, He skipped voluntary organized team activities For the first time in a few years. He still worked-it was just a stone’s throw from his practice at the TB12 Training Center.

There was a sign of that Brady’s time with the Patriots was nearing the end Throughout the 2019 season. He put up a home in Brookline, Massachusetts, and trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero also listed his home.

Brady’s contract also allowed him to hit a free agent for the first time.

Despite the strong individual and team season-the Patriots are now 12-4-Bladie didn’t enjoy it as usual, the book says. According to Wickersham, in December Brady asked a friend, “Why am I doing this?”

Brady’s time in New England didn’t last long.Patriots lose to Tennessee Titans in Foxborough’s wild card game with Brady Throw an end-of-game intercept..

A few months later, he signed a two-year $ 50 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, leading him to the Super Bowl.

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