Tom Brady sent a gift to Kelsey Plum after a WNBA superstar barked at him when the QB sat on the courtside in an ace match.

Kelsey Plum (right) met Tom Brady in a Las Vegas Aces match.

Kelsey Plum (right) meets Tom Brady in a 2022 Las Vegas Aces match.Jeff Bottari via Getty Images / NBAE

  • Tom Brady sent jerseys and other stolen goods to Kelsey Plum after the pair met in a recent WNBA match.

  • The Las Vegas Aces superstar turned over when he unpacked the gift from the Buccaneers quarterback.

  • Plums became famous when they first met Barked at the NFL legend And she was laughed at by her teammates.

Kelsey Plum wasn’t shy to thank Tom Brady.

So you can imagine how the scene unfolded when the WNBA Superstar received the package from the 7th Super Bowl Champion himself.

In a video she posted on her Instagram story, Plum reacts distrustfully when she opens a box of various items in favor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback. In her mouth, the 2022 WNBA All-Star Game MVP pulls out Brady’s red Bucks jersey and reads a handwritten note he scribbled the white number 12.

Kelsey Plum.

plum.AP Photo / Darryl Webb

“Kelsey, you’re amazing,” Brady wrote in number one.

“Good luck! LFG,” he added to 2 with his signature.

“No!” Plum shouted with excitement and then flew around her kitchen. She screamed and put a jersey on her head, surprised and covered her face.

Plum returned to the box, found black trousers, and slipped them in as well. At the end of the video, she began to dig deeper.

Brady later re-shared a clip on Twitter that found a way to do it across social media.#LFG @ Kelseyplum10 ??. “

Brady and Plum first met in May, when three NFL MVPs sat on the courtside of the Michelob Ultra Arena and saw Plum’s Las Vegas Aces challenge Connecticut Sun. At first, the point guard decided to play cool, but after making eye contact with his “favorite athlete,” he said, “It was like” screwing in! “.”

“I went to him,” Plum said at a post-match press conference. “I hit him and gave him a big hug, and I was like,” Man, you are a dog, I love you. ” “

Then she barked like a dog..

Tom Brady is sitting on the courtside in a Las Vegas Aces match.

Brady sits in the courtyard at a Las Vegas Aces game.Ethan Miller / Getty Images

“He looked at me and was like’Yeah!’,” Plum added. “Connected.”

“By barking,” said teammate Aja Wilson of 2020 WNBAM VP from the seat next to Plum. “This woman just barked at Tom Brady.”

“He’s not going to forget it,” Plum added with a smile.

Aside from dog disgust, Plum enjoys this summer’s career season. She ranks second in the WNBA with 20.1 points per game and starts with an average of 5.3 assists. In addition, Ace, with a record of 20-8 leading the Western Conference, is a class in the league.

Plums and companies are very likely to reappear in the WNBA Finals. And perhaps this year, under the guidance of her new friend, the strongest player in NFL history, the superstar will end up with her own ring.

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