“Tom Clancy XDefiant” will be a free team shooting game



Ubisoft announced the latest game of Tom Clancy’s series “Tom Clancy XDefiant” yesterday, further expanding the Clancy universe it created. In the new game, players will compete with other players in different modes in a team of 6 people. The game will focus on the gun battle experience. At the same time, the characters of each faction will have different characteristics, skills and “ultras”. The last one sounds like it should It is the same as the “big move” of other games.

“XDefiant” in order to aggregate several “Tom Clancy” games into the Clancy universe, each force in the game will be based on different series. Among the announced forces, the Wolves is derived from “Ghost Recon”, based on the special agent Echelon in “Splinter Cell”, and also based on “The Division” based Outcasts and Cleaner. Ubisoft said that future games will launch more forces, and will continue to extract suitable characters and skills from the “Tom Clancy universe…and more places” to add them to the new work.

Ubisoft’s San Francisco studio is the team responsible for the development of “XDefiant”. Its creative director said that the new work is characterized by “when a fast-paced gunfight meets a punk rock dance zone.” Players can customize the character’s equipment in the game, including primary and secondary weapons, their accessories and other devices. And not only can you adjust your character settings before the game starts, but after the character dies in the battle, you can also change the settings immediately, allowing you to make relative changes to the enemy’s play style. For the time being, it seems that the new game will have different methods so that casual players or competitive players can enjoy the game.

Weibo video:http://t.cn/A6f8t4Jx

In the introduction of the new work, whether it is the 6v6 game mode or the stored energy release “big move”, there are shadows of “Overwatch” and “Valorant”. Executive producer Mark Rubin also participated in Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty” series of games earlier, coupled with the elements of the Clancy Universe, we can look forward to whether the new work can become a masterpiece.

“XDefiant” will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. In addition, Ubisoft Connect will also have the opportunity to get a full cross-platform online game function when the game is launched.Although the game is still in the early stage of development, Ubisoft has invited the public to participate in the test of the game in the video. The first public beta will start on August 5th. If you are interested in the new game, you may wish to visit“XDefiant” official websiteRegister on the lottery.

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