Tom Holland ran 10 miles a day wearing a trash bag to lose weight, but trainers tell him it just lost water to him.

Tom Holland Spiderman

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  • Tom Holland said he lost almost a quarter of his weight because of his role.

  • The Netherlands achieved this weight loss by running 10 miles a day on a crash diet and a garbage bag.

  • Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian also quickly lost weight using the trash bag trick.

Tom holland He said he wore a trash bag while running to help him I lose weight.

However, according to expert trainers, the choice of wardrobe would only dehydrate him faster.

24-year-old “Spider-Man” star said GQ He weighs almost a quarter Crash diet When Run 10 miles a day While wearing a trash bag.

If you wear a garbage bag while running, you will sweat. This is a common trick that wrestlers use to gain weight in competitions and other celebrities. Kim Kardashian, You can see running with a garbage bag in the past.

But celebrity trainer Mike Boyle said that while daily running contributed significantly to his weight loss, the trash bag was the only cause. Lose weight of water..

“He lost weight by running 10 miles a day. Garbage bags are 100% irrelevant except that they contributed to his condition. dehydrationBoyle told the insider. “If you try to sweat more, you won’t lose weight.”

The Dutch attempt to speed up weight loss may have been dangerous to his health

Wearing a trash bag allows you to control the cooling process of your body.Garbage bags prevent sweat from evaporating, signal the body to keep sweating in the hope of lowering body temperature, and eventually to the body. Sweat more Than training in typical gym clothes.

Consuming water from your body can result in weight loss at the moments that help wrestlers gain weight in certain games. You can also temporarily reduce bloating and swelling for a day or two. But that is not the same as long-term fat loss.

The garbage bag trick is that a person loses an excessive amount of water, Electrolytes After sweating so much.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and kidney damage, but too much electrolyte loss can lead to seizures.

Crash diets can be dangerous, especially when combined with the garbage bag method

Combining dehydration from wearing a trash bag with a crash diet, the Netherlands may have had a detrimental blow to his energy levels.

Crash diet is to minimize the amount of food you normally consume in order to achieve short-term weight loss. It can be effective in achieving that weight loss. But it also has potential side effects.According to research by, it can dramatically slow down your metabolism and lead to muscle destruction European Parliament on obesity.

A crush diet also means that your body does not receive all the minerals and vitamins needed to maintain a strong immune system, making you more susceptible to illness and infections. WebMD..

The netherlands said GQ It turned out that his energy level was so low that he felt burnout while filming “Cherry” earlier this year. This can be a side effect of a crash diet.

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