Tommy Robinson must wait for a ruling on defamation claims of Syrian teenagers

Tommy Robinson faces a wait to find out if he has won or lost a defamation proceeding filed against him by a Syrian boy who was attacked and filmed at school.

Judge Nicklin was scheduled to make his written decision on Monday, but the decision is now postponed.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, commonly known by Tommy Robinson, has been sued by Jamal Hijaji, who was recorded in October 2018 at the Almondbury Community School playground in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Shortly after the movie spread by word of mouth, Robinson claimed in two Facebook videos that nearly one million people had watched it, and Jamal said he was “not innocent, but violently attacking a young British girl at school.” I did.

The 38-year-old also claims that Jamal “beats a black and blue girl” and “threats him to stab” another boy at school, while teenagers deny it.

In a four-day trial in the High Court in April, Jamal’s lawyer said Robinson’s comments had a “catastrophic effect” on teenagers and his family who came to the UK as refugees from Homs, Syria. It was.

Catrin Evans QC described Robinson as a “famous far-right defender” on the anti-Islamic agenda who used social media to spread the views of extremists.

Evans said Robinson’s comments led Jamal to “face the threat of murder and the upset of militants,” and if a teenager wins the claim, he will go from £ 150,000 ($ 206,000) to £ 190,000 ($ 206,000). He said he should get damages of $ 260,600).

Robinson is often referred to as the “far right” and “Islamic aversion” because it is associated with the English Defense League (EDL). Robinson co-founded EDL in 2009, but decided to leave the organization in 2013, “to counter Islamist ideology with the dangers of far-right radicalism and the idea of ​​better democracy rather than violence. “Continuous need” was acknowledged.

Throughout the trial, Robinson claimed he was an independent journalist, stating that “the media had no interest in the offensive truth on the other side of the story.”

Robinson defended his comments as being virtually true, claiming that he had “discovered dozens of accounts of offensive, abusive, and deceptive behavior” by Jamal.

He believes it’s important to give people a “balanced view” because some people donate about £ 160,000 ($ 220,000) to the GoFundMe page set up for the complainant. Said.

Robinson, who represents himself, added: Looking for the truth, that’s all I’m doing in this court. “

The trial also came from Bailey McLaren, who showed in a widely shared video that he was pushing Jamal to the ground and pouring water over him, denying that he was a racist or a bully. I heard the proof of.

Robinson went on to say, “Almondberry Community School certainly has failures, but racism and racist bullying weren’t one of them.”

He added: [Jamal] Being a victim automatically means that he himself can’t be a nasty, sloppy, and often violent youth, especially for girls and small young boys. Not. “

The Epoch Times contributed to this report.

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